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Hi! We’re Beanstalk, a nonprofit organization. We believe that What's right with America is right next door.

We find neighborhood leaders who really know how to make a difference in their communities, and we support them with many of the things they need, including fundraising help and a web presence.

We want to do more for them, so they can do more for us all. Help us build a site to bring them the power of crowd-funding and social networks, a platform to rebuild our communities, from the ground up, together.

We’re looking for a Junior Developer to join us, working mostly from our comfortable, open office in a historic building on Capitol Hill. Please note that telecommuting is allowed, though you will have to be able to come into the office when needed.

We're looking for you if:
• You know your p's and q's in HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, SQL.
• You are familiar with the Unix shell, modern version control, and deployment systems and practices.
• You want to do meaningful work that changes people’s lives for the better.
• You want to do insanely great work that gets you noticed and talked about.
• You like to show your code, discuss your code, get feedback on your code, and refractor when it makes sense.
• You'd enjoy playing with cutting-edge tech like data-driven SVG, mobile/touch UIs, real-time location-based applications, social apps, etc.

Please send your resume, any relevant links, and your salary requirements to

Denver / Boulder Colorado (DBUG)

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