Drupal Mapping Office hours

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2012-05-10 13:00 - 14:00 America/New_York
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Online meeting (eg. IRC meeting)

Are you interested in building maps in Drupal, but don't know how? Want to get more involved with the geospatial Drupal community? If so, you are invited to attend the first Drupal mapping office hours on Thursday, May 10th at 1PM EDT. We're meeting on IRC in the #drupal-geo room.

The schedule is currently somewhat loose, but we're planning on talking about the following topics...

  • zzolo's presentation at the Twin Cities Drupal camp: Spatially Drupal: the State of Drupal as a GeoCMS. He's looking for community feedback on his session beforehand.
  • Organizing a documentation sprint around an upcoming Drupal event TBD
  • Open questions on mapping-related issues
  • Meta discussion about office hours in general/planning for next meeting


I'm in!

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What can I do to prepare for the geo-spatial experience? :)

Just bring yourself and any

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Just bring yourself and any questions/comments you have about geospatial stuff in Drupal.

Sounds interesting. What time

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Sounds interesting. What time will this be for Denmark, please?

Want to get involved

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I come from a GIS background and fairly new to Drupal, but I'm really looking forward to building maps in Drupal. I'd also like to get involved in the community somehow. See everyone on IRC tomorrow. :)

Will the discussions in IRC

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Will the discussions in IRC be saved for people to see later?

some meeting minutes for the

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some meeting minutes for the drupal mapping office hours are kept in

Thanks for the meeting minutes!

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Thanks for posting the meeting minutes. Something came up unexpectedly and I couldn't make it. Will try to make the next one.

i have put together an

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i have put together an overview of the mapping office hours meeting minutes.

as sometimes multiple topics have been discussed at the same time, in parallel - this in a approach to group messages by topic