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I tried creating a g.d.o group for Dayton, but was denied because we are too close to Cinci and Columbus. Rather than whine about it, I thought I'd see if we could officially integrated the Dayton Drupal Users Group here so our members can have a group to use for conversation, etc. I noticed the group description already includes Dayton anyway, so why not make it more official.

What do you think?


I'm for it

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Even though I have absolutely no authority, it makes sense to me :) I'm in favor.


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Hi Nathan,

Yup, totally makes sense. I'll get on this asap.


How can I help

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Prior to this discussion I saw Scott's reply to tomdisher regarding the CINDUG being on hiatus and was wondering if I could contribute some of my time to get things up and rolling again. Having one unified group makes sense to me too.

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