Fields considered critical

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I am trying to weed out the many broken or duplicate flexinode fields.

The first differentation I want to make is between critical and non-critical fields. With a new release (4.7 and 5.0) the critical fields should all be released and working. Non-critical fields can be updated later.

I want to know what you consider critical fields, my personal list is included below.

  • textfield
  • textarea
  • datefield/timestamp
  • number
  • image
  • general file
  • selectlist
  • checkbox
  • url
  • email
  • multiselect

Please leave your list in a comment.


Thanks for developing flexinode!

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I think your list is the essence :)

* textfield
* textarea
* datefield/timestamp
* number
* image
* general file
* selectlist
* checkbox

looking forward to the new relaeas :) :) :)

-> is there something i can do to help with a little experience in PHP and MySQL - let me know.

You could help test the upgrade

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See also on how to mail me a dump of your flexinode data, in case you don't know how to test an upgrade yourself.

Thanks for the time.

Critical fields for my site

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In addition to those in your list, I actually use the "url" field a lot. I have nearly 1000 links to documentation that were created with flexinode. I am willing to help out if I can, my coding skills are not that strong. Unfortunately my data is confidential and cant be shared outside the building. Let me know if there is anything I can do. I have a live 4.7 site and also a 5.0 test site to play with. The 5.0 site database includes flexinode data.

Thanks for your work on this module!

url field added to the list

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It is indeed a trivial and often used field. I will include it in flexinode 'core'.