Mapping sprint at Drupal Developer Days Barcelona 2012

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From June 15-17 at Drupal Developer Days Barcelona 2012 there will be both a session and a sprint related to mapping and Drupal.

On Friday, June 15 I will organize a sprint to Improve Mapping in Drupal 7 and on June 16, Boris Doesborg does a session on Mapping with Drupal.

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Sprint: Improve Mapping in Drupal 7

See the Sprint Google Doc for signup and information.

I have proposed several topics:

Depending on what other sprint attendees want to work on, I would like to focus on the high-level view of mapping in Drupal. Some thoughts:


There exist a number of recent presentations regarding mapping including zzolo's, brandonian's, phayes' and levelos'. By discussing those and the information provided in the Mapping with Drupal book we could create some diagrams that explain how the multitude of modules available correlate and work together.

The OpenLayers Locator feature module is already a great starting point for diving into Drupal mapping that adds to the documentation effort with diagrams that I explained beforehand.

Server-side geo clustering in Drupal 7

Regarding my plans for Server-side geo clustering in Drupal 7, I would like to get started by discussing valid integration points of the server-side clustering approach with geofield and optionally views_geojson. As great views experts will be around, attending the Views in Core Sprint, I'm looking forward getting some insights to the best way to achieve such transparent integration of the server-side clustering feature. I have already talked to dawehner (dereine) and fago and the ideas so far are

  • clustering logic should be pluggable and easy to turn on/off
  • clustering logic should integrate well/transparently with geofield and views_geojson
  • write light-weight integrations that rely on a clustering library
  • geofield integration example: views_plugin_style_geofield_cluster extends geofield_map_plugin_style_map
  • views_geosjon integration example: views_plugin_style_geojson_cluster extends views_plugin_style_geojson
  • don't require external dependencies, by default it should work with the default database
  • optionally a database clustering strategy can be integrated
  • figure out client-side integration & interactions (javascript, openlayers, leaflet)

Session: Mapping with Drupal

Boris Doesborg on his session Mapping with Drupal:

In this session I will introduce you to the most important concepts and modules of mapping in Drupal 7.

Getting involved

Let's use this thread to find out who will be attending the sprint, of course physical attendance is preferred, but most of the highly involved mapping guys unfortunately can't make it to Barcelone, as they have told me during the recent Drupal Mapping Office hours. That being said, we will be open to remote collaboration in #drupal-geo.

Please, let me hear your thoughts, very much looking forward to collaborating :)


I'd love to assist but I'll

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I'd love to assist but I'll have to see if I can be of any use because I have limited knowledge on the sprint topics that you propose.

in IRC maybe

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Hey @dasjo, this is awesome. I might be able to hang out in IRC during the day on June 15 and possible on June 17, but I am 8 hours ahead, I believe so not sure how helpful that will be.

Thanks for organizing this,

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Thanks for organizing this, @dasjo!

For anyone else looking, it appears the event is scheduled from 10:00-18:00 CET (GMT+2.)

I'm six hours behind, but will plan to be there on IRC.

I'd love to work on server-side clustering and/or Views GeoJSON. I added a couple thoughts to Document a views geojson use case, too...

@batigolix: yeah, i can see

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@batigolix: yeah, i can see your point. well, for the documentation part of the sprint your input could be definitely of great value, as you know about the big picture - how to configure the critical mapping modules.

@zzolo: your expertise would for sure be of value, even remote :)

@jeffschuler: thanks for pointing out the schedule! documenting a views geojson use case might be an interesting topic for the documentation tasks.

in order to keep track of tasks, i would suggest using a combination of tags:

  • "Mapping" for a unified topic, as we are working across different modules
  • "Sprint" so we want them to be tackled, fixed now
  • "Novice" classifies coding issues appropriate for newcomers, see
  • "Documentation" ... well you know :)

combining those tags would help to organize our tasks. for example "Mapping, Sprint, Novice" classifies a starter coding task related to mapping specifically for the sprint. "Mapping, Sprint, Documentation" marks related documentation tasks and so on. see also

during the sprint we can offer newcomers training on how to contribute their first mapping related patches.


@dasjo: deal

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@dasjo: deal

I'll be there helping as much as possible

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Although I'm still on the beginning of the learning path you can count me in.

I'll be there helping as much as possible

vcardoso's picture

Although I'm still on the beginning of the learning path you can count me in.

I'll be there helping as much as possible

vcardoso's picture

Although I'm still on the beginning of the learning path you can count me in.

Hello everybody I will attend

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Hello everybody

I will attend to the Dev Days and I'm really interested in this sprint.
I was working in mapping withDrupal some time ago and I'd like to contribute.


Pablo López, Drupal developer

@batigolix: great to hear

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@batigolix: great to hear :)
@vcardoso: counting you in (3 times :) )
@plopesc: thanks for your interest!

i have created a public google doc where people can signup for the sprint to get an overview of the topics you would like to work on.

if you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask via comment or ping me in #drupal-geo


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I'll do documentation, mainly for openlayers.
Possibly first rearranging what's there, prioritising what's missing and working my way through.
Any ideas, recommendations and wishes welcome - also on IRC at #drupal-geo on freenode.

Site builder and Documentation WG member

I'll be there

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See g-docs for further info. (irc: Zelfje)
@batigolix nice to be working with you once more, it was good at dc London.

11 people have already signed

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11 people have already signed up for the sprint so far, thanks everybody!

pedro cambra from the drupaldevdays barcelona team gave me some insights on the sprint venue.
it should look like this:
we expect to have a flip-chart available.

during the week i will keep preparing the sprint. help is very welcome. especially if you know somebody who'd like to sponsor some money for food / drinks for attendees during the sprint that would be great. please contact me personally in that regards.

for preparation, we are also working on a list of concrete sprint items to tackle. if you wanna help out, please tag appropriate issues using the Mapping and the Novice or Documentation tags.

somebody (who? :) ) added a pre-sprint phase to the google doc for Thursday, 14th of June 10:00-18:00 CEST (GMT+2). that will be a great opportunity for getting the sprint preparation finished. as i'm flying thursday, i won't be able to make it personally, but when i have internet access i will join you guys on IRC during the day.

you can still signup and review who's gonna attend in the sprint google doc.

regards dasjo

somebody is me

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Im in barca from wednesday 16:00 until monday morning.

Will be on site Thursday, 14th of June 10:00-18:00 CEST (GMT+2)

irc: Zelfje
Rest of info in g-doc

I'd like to join, although I

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I'd like to join, although I know little about proposed topics. My profile is that of a site builder who has made some basic sites with Mapping (first with GMAP+Location and later on with Openlayers+Geocoder). I think I could help in doing documentation or helping with novice questions.

There is still a lot of need

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There is still a lot of need for documentation for site builders, and especially on how to use which modules together. So it will be great if you can do some documentation on these use cases.

Site builder and Documentation WG member

getting ready for the sprint

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getting ready for the sprint :)

i have posted a little announcement to the drupal planet from the epiqo blog, the company i work for and which is sponsoring my attendance of barcelona dev days!

@zelfje: great that you are preparing for the sprint tomorrow! i'm sure you can find some folks on #drupal-geo that help finding issues appropriate for the sprint. we should give them the "Mapping" + either "Documentation" or "Novice" as described in the google doc.

@c-c-m: of course you are very welcome to join, helping with documentation and novice questions is definitely a plus :)

according to the google doc, it seems like we can expect about 10 people attend the sprint in person + 5 signed up to collaborate remotely via IRC. that great!

i'm excited meeting all of you - need to pack my stuff for the flight tomorrow morning now :)
cheers dasjo

the comparison page at

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the comparison page at shows the status of the documentation