Drupal 8 Multilingual Initiative sprint before/after DrupalCon Munich 2012, needs sponsors

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2012-08-18 09:00 - 2012-08-26 20:00 Europe/Berlin
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We are just out of an incredible sprint at Drupal Dev Days Barcelona, but Drupalcon Munich is almost here, and there aint no stoppin' us now (soundtrack). The program includes a sprint day on the last day (August 24th, Friday), which we are extending to both 2 days at the end, and with sprinters also before the event as early as August 16th. We are not planning a strong sprinting presence on the Drupalcon session days. These extensions make up for the following sprint structure of three sprint days before and after Drupalcon session days:

  • Pre-Drupalcon sprint: on the 18th to 20th of August, Saturday to Monday
  • Drupalcon official sprint day: on the 24th of August, Friday
  • Post-Drupalcon sprint days: on the 25th and 26th of August, Saturday and Sunday

Location for the Drupalcon sprint day is the Drupalcon venue, other days to be figured out. The same structure in graphical form is the following:


It is of course not obligatory to be available on all sprint days, we figured out a structure to welcome new sprinters every day on our previous sprint in Barcelona, and we'll work hard to have code to review and extend for you, even if you come later. If you need to leave early, that also should not be a problem. If you are only available in the first or second segments, that is still very useful. If you are only available remotely, please still sign up and indicate that on the sheet! We will be hanging out on the #drupal-i18n channel and work with remote sprinters too.

@webflo (i18n_views), @Sutharsan (l10n_update) and @reyero (i18n) at our previous sprint in Barcelona

Nobody should drop their keyboards until the sprint of course! There is plenty of work to do that you can help with from any of our top priority tasks in the meantime. If you need help picking from that list, let me know and I can help you personally. We hold initiative IRC meetings every two weeks with the next one coming up on June 20th.


Financial sponsors: comm-press, dotProjects.be, Open8.se, OSINet, Acquia.
Ticket sponsor: Evolving Web.
Sprinters: Amazee Labs, build2be, MD Systems, psegno.it, Wizzlern, Acquia and others.

Looking for sponsors

We are looking for more sponsors to cover expenses. If you are interested sponsoring or if you need sponsors to come, please contact me at http://drupal.org/user/4166/contact


Looking forward to seeing you

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Looking forward to seeing you guys there tomorrow! :-)

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