Drupal Meetups in the Greater Los Angeles Area

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The Greater Los Angeles Area is a very active area for Drupal and has a large number of weekly and monthly events on various Drupal topics.

Greater Los Angeles Drupal Meetups

These meetups are organized by Greater Los Angeles Drupal (GLAD) members and organizers. Some of them, including Ventura Drupal and Pasadena / San Gabriel Valley, also have their own groups and a have lower email volume.

Topical Meetups

Some of our events occasionally travel from city to city and venue to venue and are produced by Greater Los Angeles Drupal (GLAD) organizers.

  • Frontend Drupal / Design 4 Drupal (traveling meetup; frontend topics such as design, theming, accessibility, usability, web typography, etc.), alternating 3rd Tuesdays
  • High Performance Drupal (traveling meetup; advanced topics such as performance, scalability, benchmarking, deployment, operations, etc.), alternating 3rd Tuesdays
  • Drupal Commerce (traveling meetup; commerce topics such as payments, inventory management, shipping, the Commerce framework, etc.), 4th Tuesdays

Meetups in Downtown Los Angeles

  • Downtown Drupal Meetup (general topics; multiple spaces), 1st Tuesdays
  • Module Development Boot Camp, 2nd & 4th Mondays
  • Mobile Device Lab, alternating Tuesdays
  • Introduction to Drupal Workshop, 2nd or 3rd Fridays
  • Mentored Drupal Training, 2nd or 3rd Fridays
  • Drupal Coworking Friday (free coworking day), 2nd or 3rd Fridays

Meetups in the Greater Hollywood area

  • Hollywood Drupal (general topics), alternating Tuesdays

Meetups in the San Gabriel Valley / Greater Pasadena Area

Meetups in Ventura County

Meetups in the San Fernando Valley

  • Burbank / Valley (general topics), dates to be determined

Meetups & Groups Elsewhere in the Greater Los Angeles Area

These groups also operate in the Greater Los Angeles Area and are run by volunteers and organizers separate from Greater Los Angeles Drupal (GLAD). They're definitely worth checking out! For more information, ask any of the organizers listed on the individual meetup announcements.

Meetups in the Inland Empire

Meetups in Orange County

Meetups in Los Angeles County

Meetups in the South Bay

Meetups or Groups on Hiatus

Nearby Meetups & Groups Not in the Greater Los Angeles Area


Beginner-oriented drupal meetup?

epikvision's picture

Which of the drupal meetups are best suited to the beginner? I'm interested in attending the 4th Thursday one, but what else is good?

John Kim
Ubuntu enthusiast

Droplabs' Drupal Coworking

christefano's picture

Droplabs' Drupal Coworking Fridays and Intro to Drupal workshops, as well as the weekly Drupal Tutoring and Coworking events, are excellent for beginners. These are loosely structured and are perfect for learning at your own pace.

We have a site license to Build a Module, so if you want to watch any of those instructional videos just let anyone on the Droplabs staff know and we'll set you up with a day pass.

My opinion is that any of the "general" meetups are good for Drupaleros of any skill level. The Downtown Los Angeles Drupal meetups, for example, have a general focus on how organizations and entrepreneurs are using Drupal.

The High Performance and Frontend Drupal meetups are specialized for developers/engineers and designers/themers, respectively, but I recommend checking out their meetup agendas in advance to see if there's a topic that will be covered that interests you.

I'm looking forward to seeing you again at one of our meetups. Let us all know if this information is helpful, or if you have any more questions. Thanks!

The location and time of the meetup

epikvision's picture

What's the location and hours for these drupal meetups?

John Kim
Ubuntu enthusiast

The specific times and

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The specific times and locations for each meetup are always somewhere in the description of the meetup announcement.

It's especially important to check for that time and location information for meetups that occasionally move from one location to another (for example, the High Performance Drupal and Frontend Drupal meetups).

In general, most of the Downtown Los Angeles Drupal meetups are at Droplabs, a free coworking and hackerspace in Downtown Los Angeles. You can learn more about Droplabs and sign up for the newsletter at http://droplabs.net  

DISREGARD THIS, it's a duplicate comment...

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.What's the location for these drupal meetups?

John Kim
Ubuntu enthusiast

On the

cchy's picture

On the http://groups.drupal.org/dtla landing page, I tried clicking on the "Subscribe to our Calendar of Events" link but I don't see all of the meetups listed in the calendar.

For instance, "Pro Drupal 7 Development book study group" is every Monday and "Drupal Tutoring and Coworking" is every Saturday (except the last Saturday), right? :)

Can you let us know when and where the meetups are? Thank you! :)

The iCalendar feed at

christefano's picture

The iCalendar feed at http://groups.drupal.org/ical/219129 only shows events that are currently scheduled on that calendar.

If you subscribe to the feed in Google Calendar, Outlook, etc., you'll see events appear only after they're posted here in the group at http://groups.drupal.org/dtla

That said, some events that do actually happen aren't always posted here. The weekly events that you mention are good examples of events that aren't regularly announced. I'll check with the organizer of those events to see what we can do about that.

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