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Monochrome versions are available below.

Main drop color: #0077C0
Light-shade color: #00AEEF
Dark-shade color: #0C73AF
Dark-Shadow color: #04527E
Tank Light-shade: #58595B
Tank Dark-shade: #414042
Mask Light-shade: #E5D400
Mask Dark-shade: #A79C00
Snorkle Light-shade: #FBB040
Snorkle Dark-shade: #C48B31

*** Note: Colors will be simplified in a future revision.
This will help reduce the cost of print materials. ***

drupal-diver-monochrome(black).png218.7 KB
drupal-diver-monochrome(darkblue).png120.62 KB
drupal-diver-monochrome(lightblue).png120.28 KB
drupal-diver-monochrome(orange).png120.19 KB
drupal-diver-monochrome(white).png115.55 KB
drupal-diver-monochrome(yellow).png119.84 KB


Dustin, may I ask what

liberatr's picture

Dustin, may I ask what license this is under?

Copyright? GPL? MIT? Creative Commons? Public Domain? etc?


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Since the Drupal Florida logo has already been published, it is protected under the Berne Convention and copyright was automatic at the time it as published. For more information, pls see the "Berne Convention" on Wikipedia.

I thought since the

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I thought since the drupalicon was already GPL, by definition all derivatives are also the same.

Either way....

More info

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Though that statement on Wikipedia may be accurate at the moment, I wouldn't rely on it exclusively. It's deceptively simplistic. Intellectual Property Law is much more complex than that.

Also, since other groups have produced logos derived from the Drupalicon logo, perhaps we could check to see how they approached the potential infringement issue??

This may help too

My design is derived from the

dustinjcooper's picture

My design is derived from the druplicon which is GPL. My assumption would be the diver is GPL as well.

Dustin J Cooper


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