Tidying up marketing group home page & sifting through DrupalCon Munich recordings

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Today I've mostly been tidying up the marketing group home page, highlighting four topics we are currently canvassing for views on:

I started to sift through the audio & video I recorded during DrupalCon Munich. Two break-out sessions from the CxO event are already online - one on drupalfund.us, a crowd-sourcing site for Drupal-related projects, and one discussing Drupal niches. You can find those along with 40+ other sessions I posted from various Drupal events over the last year over here on archive.org.

I recorded eight BoF sessions (see my Munich schedule for a list) but not all came out well. I also videod a couple of sessions. I used to video every session but it takes too long to set up the camera, pack it up to make it to next sessions, then synching the sound & compressing takes ages so now I only video the ones where seeing faces help, for example the DrupalCamp London BoF and the local group organisers BoF. I also recorded the Drupal Association Open Board meeting, and a half-hour interview with Thomas Svenson talking about his recent discussions on encouraging site builders to think of the roles which come before them and those after -hopefully I'll get them all up soon!

So that was my Sunday... how about yours? Post what you've been Drupaling today here.


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