Coffs Drupallers September Meetup

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2012-09-27 17:30 Australia/Sydney
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User group meeting

We've recently had a few relative newcomers to Drupal express interest in learning more, so this meeting will be particularly newbie friendly. It'll also serve as a test run for some bigger and more exciting events we have planned for October and November. We'll provide more details about these once we've worked out what those details are.

So we'll be doing a big-picture look (with some practical examples) of why Drupal rocks, and how awesome we in the Drupal community are. If you feel your back needs some congratulatory slapping, or you'd like to proffer some well-deserved slaps, come along. We'll be at the Almaplex at 81 First Avenue Sawtell from 5:30pm, as per usual.


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