DrupalPicchu 2014

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DrupalPicchu 2014

Cusco, Peru - January 20-24, 2014

Photo credits: Nomadic Samuel



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https://groups.drupal.org/files/drupalpicchu.pdf (English, by Nick Vidal)
https://groups.drupal.org/files/drupalpicchu-es.pdf (Español, por Aldibier)


DrupalPicchu will be the first International Drupal Community event to take place in Latin America.

This event has received huge support from the local and global community, including the Drupal Association.


January 20-24, 2014


Universidad Andina del Cusco


To celebrate the freedom and cultural diversity of the Drupal Community.


  • Hold an International Drupal event;
  • Organizers from 10+ countries;
  • Participants from 25+ countries;
  • A total of 500 participants.


  • Openness
  • Transparency
  • Collaboration
  • Inclusion

Please read our manifesto: http://groups.drupal.org/node/258123


The Drupal Latina Community is composed of many experienced leaders who have organized local, regional, national and continental Drupal events. In 2013 alone, we had over 2000 participants!

Finances and Sponsorship

Let’s be as frugal and inclusive as possible.

  • Ticket: 50 USD FREE!
  • Bronze Sponsorship: 1250 USD 625USD*
  • Silver Sponsorship: 2500 USD 1250USD*
  • Gold Sponsorship: 5000 USD 2500USD*

* Discount when you bring an expert to the event.


  • Monday, 20th – Workshops
  • Tuesday, 21st – Summits
  • Wednesday, 22nd – Summits
  • Thursday, 23rd – Dev Days
  • Friday, 24th – Dev Days


  • Community Summit
  • Business Summit
  • Media Summit
  • Educational Summit
  • Non-profit Summit
  • Government Summit


Lima has an excellent international airport and it's located exactly in the center of Latin America and has good connections with North America, Europe and Oceania.

There are no Visa requirements for most people coming to Latin America from the rest of the world.

Round-trip air tickets from Lima to Cusco cost varies between 100 and 200 USD (http://www.starperu.com/).

Cultural Activities

Peru offers many cultural and touristic attractions, including the world famous "Machu Picchu", near Cusco (the new 7th wonder).

Cultural activities are planned to happen before, during, and after the event, so the whole family is encouraged to come.


Why DrupalPicchu?

Picchu means Summit in quechua (Inca's official language), so DrupalPicchu means Drupal Summit. This gives an original name to such an important historic event for the Drupal Latino Community.

Why Peru?

This is where the first Drupal Summit Latino was celebrated. In terms of logistic, Lima has an excellent international airport and it's located exactly in the center of Latin America. Plus, there are no Visa requirements for most people coming to Latin America from the rest of the world. Also, the country is affordable and offers lots of cultural and touristic attractions.

Why Cusco?

It's near the world famous Machu Picchu. People from all over the world will enjoy coming together in this magic place.

Why Now?

The Drupal Latino Community is ready and committed to organize an international event. The cancellation of DrupalCon Sao Paulo by the Drupal Association was very frustrating and the community wants to show to the world that it has the power and the will to organize an event like this. We have many experienced community leaders, and Drupal events are popping up in Latin America at an incredible rate. We must foster this momentum and energy and take it to the next level! With your help, we can make it happen!

Why January 2014?

This date is exactly between DrupalCon Europe and DrupalCon North America.

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Open Call For Participation

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Everyone is welcome to participate in the organizing process of this historic event of the Drupal Community!

Nick, you can count with me!

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Nick, you can count with me!

Pedro Faria de Miranda Pinto
Blog - http://eusouopedro.com
PHPAvançado - http://www.phpavancado.net
IRC - irc://irc.freenode.net:6667/drupal-br


nickvidal's picture

Valeu Pedro! Gracias! Thank you!

From already have my support,

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From already have my support, congratulations for this great initiative. Greetings from Guatemala


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You can count with me too!

Heissen López


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Count on me!!!

Great to see

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Thanks for taking the initiative on this @nickvidal, really nice to see.

Count me in too!


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I loved it!
Of course you can count on me!

Keep in mind that we are whom will change the world!
revagomes.com.br is powered by Drupal.

Pura vida!

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Great news! of course you can count on me++ :)

Pablo Aviles

Co-founder | CTO.
4Koodi, CRC
Site: http://4Koodi.com
blog: http://paviles.net


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Count on me as well.

I would absolutely love to

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I would absolutely love to attend this event! At a minimum count on me to provide any help I can for the event :)

Congratulations to the Latin American community for putting out such a great idea!


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Tienes q venir!!!
Te esperamos!!

Una drupalera latina,
Haciendo manualidades en EcoArtesanias.com y
Vijando, viajando, viajando!

A wonderful initiative

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This is just enormously inspiring!

So where's the sponsor sign-up guys?

Sponsor Sign-up

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Thank you Victor,

Sponsor Sign-up and Feedback is here:


Kind regards,


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I'll be there! And count me in of course to provide any help you need from this side of the world. Excellent initiative! Drupal community FTW :)


Hella yeah!

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I would love to help out really really really love to help out!
thanx for reaching out

Drupal Community FTW!

/morten.dk king of rock
morten.dk | geek Royale

Blog Post

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Thank you Morten for your blog post!


No thank you for taking

mortendk's picture

No thank you for taking initiative & moving the South American community out of the shadows :)

/morten.dk king of rock
morten.dk | geek Royale


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This sounds an fabulous event and I really, really like the values you have defined. I'll will start saving now!!!

The opportunity to visit some wonderful places locally can only help. I will have to bring my mountain bike - I'm told the ride down from Machu Picchu is a classic!!


Cultural Activities

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What a wonderful idea Rachel!

You bet we are going to organize some exciting adventures in DrupalPicchu!


Some advertisement :-)

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I wrote my thoughts about this in a little blog post: http://felix.delattre.de/weblog/2012/09/27/drupalpicchu-2014


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Hi all!

Thank you so much for your support!

This is a community event open to all! So have your say! Feel free to create a new discussion at the Latin America group or at your own blog and link it here!

Kind regards

Africa is in

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As kind-of a semi-official-though-totally-not spokesperson for the African Drupal community: yeah, we're in.

I helped out a bit with the Paris Drupalcon so I'm happy to be of assistance.


Inspiration from/to Africa

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Thank you so much Joeri! We would love to receive and provide inspiration from/to Africa with this event!


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I see a lot of picchu post around groups but now i see what is happening! so lets go, if i can help im in!


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I'll be there... And count me in


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What language(s) will the sessions be in? I know one issue with San Paulo for me was I don't speak Spanish or Portuguese...

Assuming some percentage are in English, I'm looking forward to the trip!

Mix of Languages

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Hola Gregg,

Almost all of Latin America speaks Spanish, with the exception of Brazil, where Portuguese is spoken. They are quite similar, but it's not unusual for us to use English to make ourselves understood. We had many events where both Spanish and Portuguese were used for sessions, and we had some English sessions as well.

We'll definitely be investing the resources from Sponsors toward live translation of sessions. But don't let the language barrier intimidate you! It will be a mix of languages and cultures, and I'm sure you'll be leaving the event hablando Español e Português, at least some words!

The most important thing is to connect with people, no matter what language you use. The eye contact and hand shaking is understood everywhere. Bring you smartphone, load up a translation app, and come to Latin America!


Sounds reasonable.

greggmarshall's picture

Sounds reasonable.

+1 for multiple languages.

javier_'s picture

Although it's probably too early to mention it, I believe that in order to make it a truly multicultural event, sessions (if this will be a technical event) in Spanish, English and Portuguese should be allowed.

I know people that wasn't sure about going to DrupalCon Sao Pablo because the session would be just in Portuguese, or at least that was the general understanding.


nickvidal's picture

We could use inexpensive (less than $100) FM transmitters to "broadcast" the translations to cheap (less than $5) FM receivers.

Depending on our budget, volunteers from the Drupal community could do the translation. Otherwise, we could hire professional translators.

This meeting sounds great! A

Mark_L6n's picture

This meeting sounds great!
A word of caution on multiple languages at the conference: What is being discussed is 'simultaneous interpretation' (i.e. instant oral translation) which is more difficult than simply 'translation'. Add in that this is for 2 languages in a specialized technical domain. This could be difficult and expensive to do if not enough volunteer expert interpreters are available. You might not want to promise this just yet, and consider language-specific tracks as well.
Just my 2 cents in contributing to good conference planning! Good luck!

Please count Omega8.cc as a

omega8cc's picture

Please count Omega8.cc as a Bronze sponsor!

Thank you

nickvidal's picture

Thank you very much! Rest assured that your sponsorship will be highly valued!

This is great

betoscopio's picture

Of course I'm in, count on me for any help you need for the event.

Respeten el grupo Spain

codigoweb's picture

No entiendo por que tiene que estar esta discusión en el grupo Spain llenando mi email de correos que, ni están en español, ni son de temas que tengan que ver con la comunidad de Drupal España.

Hay que dar la difusión correcta a las discusiones, sobre todo porque hay grupos mucho más apropiados.

Por favor, que alguien lo quite de Spain

Y quitenlo también del grupo Comunidad Valenciana

Lo siento / Sorry !

nickvidal's picture

Gracias por dejarnos saber. Estoy de acuerdo con usted al 100%.

Yo personalmente no añadí esta entrada al grupo de España. Supongo que alguien estaba demasiado emocionado! :)

De todas formas, lo siento por las molestias. Voy a sacarlo de inmediato!


Thank you for letting us know. I agree with you 100%.

I personally did not add this post to the Spain group. I guess somebody got too excited! :)

Anyways, I'm sorry for the trouble. I'll be removing it immediately!

A mi me parecería correcto el grupo Spain

pcambra's picture

Un evento de este espíritu y con esta magnitud y ambición de tener gente de múltiples paises debería estar en los grupos de habla hispana, tenemos que arrimar el hombro e intentar promocionar este tipo de cosas desde España también.


nickvidal's picture

De hecho Pedro. Tal vez lo que necesitamos es un diálogo en español.

50USD Community level sponsors?

arianek's picture

I'm so pleased to hear this news. I'm a little "out of the loop" these days on what's going on in the community, but just felt so devastated for you all when I heard your Drupalcon was being cancelled. The spirit of "Let’s be as frugal and inclusive as possible." is so refreshing, as the events (even local ones) have become more and more corporate, and less about grassroots collaborative learning.

Would you consider allowing "community" level sponsorships? For those who cannot attend, but want to support your hard work and the community there? 50USD, same as a ticket, but without the actual attendance?

I'd be happy to commit my 50USD if you can make a way for this to get into your accounts, and I'll see who else from the Drupalverse/Twitterverse would do the same...

Can I get a +1? :)

Best of luck with the planning - you're an inspiration!

Community level sponsors?

nickvidal's picture

Hi Ariane,

How to respond to such a generous proposal from someone who has been so vital to the Drupal Community?

Let me start out by saying that we would love to have you here! This event is dedicated to getting people like you together.

Regarding your proposal, I would like to offer a counter-proposal if you can't make it in person:

How about getting distant-sponsors and local-students together? Distant-sponsors get to sponsor local-students who can't afford the price ticket. Local-students get to show the event to distant-sponsors from their own unique perspective (through photos and translated messages). This provides everyone the opportunity to connect and share experiences, even if it's from a distance.

The idea is a bit rough, and we'll have to discuss it with the Peruvian community and other members. We would love to hear your feedback!

Thank you for being an inspiration to us!

Kind regards,

Great suggestion,

greggles's picture

Great suggestion, ArianeK!

And thats quite creative, Nick, to use these funds as a way to create a scholarship fund. I suggest not worrying too much about excatly how you use them, but just accept the funds and, if you see fit to create a scholarship fund, then you can credit the $50 level sponsors with having helped fund it.

Ariane's Scholarship Fund

nickvidal's picture

That's wonderful!

Ariane, I believe you are the right person to set up this fund, perhaps using Paypal.

When closer to the event, we'll work out the details of how to transfer these funds.

What do you think?

Count me in

larteaga's picture

I think sponsorship for students it's a great great idea, I will be more than happy to contribute to this fund.


arianek's picture

:) I have my time set for some non-Drupal related travel in the next couple years, or else it would be a good excuse to finally visit South America! It's been a long time since I've felt so much community spirit, I love the attitude and how you guys are imagining DrupalPicchu to be.

So for donations, I haven't used it before, but I think the best/most straightforward way to set this up will be to set up a ChipIn account for it. http://www.chipin.com/ When you figure out who on the organizing committee will be managing the money (whether it's a company or an individual, I know someone will have to use their accounts to pass the funds). It does require a Paypal account (which the person managing money would have to set up so the donations can go into their bank account in the end, and then they can put the money towards sponsored tickets or event costs or whatever is needed).

And then because ChipIn creates a "widget", I think it would also conveniently allow anyone who wants to help you all raise money to put the widget on their websites too. Imagine tons of community members not only donating their 50USD but putting the widget on their website to encourage others to pitch in too!

I'll happily add my donation and put the widget up on my site and help publicize so others would donate, but someone on the organizing committee would need to:

  1. have a Paypal account
  2. set up a Chipin account
  3. share the embed code somewhere for the widget (if you want others to be able to put it up on their sites)

I would offer to do the account set up, but I think it will be way more complicated than if the actual owner of the Paypal account does it. ;)

No obligation and definitely no rush if this is too much hassle for you, but I think there are probably a lot of community members out there who would love to add their support. :)


nickvidal's picture

it would be a good excuse to finally visit South America!

Hooray! :)

So for donations, I haven't used it before, but I think the best/most straightforward way to set this up will be to set up a ChipIn account for it.

Thank you for suggesting Chipin. I'll coordinate with the Peruvian community to see how to handle the finances!

Cool - I'll try and keep an

arianek's picture

Cool - I'll try and keep an eye on the thread for updates... feel free to message me more info. :)

Yes, it would be "hooray", but my travel time and money is spoken for already - planning a big trip to Europe next year! Instead I will just have to join in spirit. ;)


revagomes's picture

It's a really nice idea @arianek!

Reading your post I remembered Flattr.com also. I've not used Chipin.com but it looks nice!

I'm sure I'll put the widget on my website and I can convince some others here in Brazil. :)

It will be amazing!

Keep in mind that we are whom will change the world!
revagomes.com.br is powered by Drupal.

detail about paypal in peru

marvil07's picture

AFAIK Paypal does not allow withdraw money from peruvian bank accounts, so it's only possible to receive the money if the person setting it up has a USA bank account, and want to deal with international bank transfers.

Anyway, I think it is a good idea, so we should figure out a way to do it possible ;-)


develCuy's picture

Just FYI, some US banks allow to have an international address and also free of charge withdrawals abroad.

[develCuy](http://steemit.com/@develcuy) on steemit

Finances Discussion

nickvidal's picture

This is such an important topic that it will have a discussion of it's own:


For money handling, here are some suggestions so far:
- Paypal
- Chipin
- Flattr
- Kickstarter

Great ideas about

jwilson3's picture

Great ideas about translations and multi-language.

To address the potential intimidation by the language barrier -- aside from the fact that Peru, and Cuzco in particular, is on of the more important tourist destinations in South America -- peruvians are very forgiving and patient, so getting by with just English, hand gestures, or even attempts at Spanglish is not a problem -- don't expect anyone to understand "yo quiero taco bell" though.

Nick: Go ahead and remove the "?" from my name on the list above. Count me in!


nickvidal's picture

Thank you James for your support! As always your comments are well regarded!

As far as I'm concerned, this

jwilson3's picture

As far as I'm concerned, this is the best post written to date on g.d.o:


Thank you Nick.

Definitely =)

jackbravo's picture

Definitely =)

My Support

saulfec's picture

Have my support from El Salvador as needed

Saúl Fernando Espinoza
Seamos realistas y hagamos lo imposible!!!

Wow!!! :) Ya se a donde ir en

frecaze's picture

Wow!!! :) Ya se a donde ir en Enero :)

Freddy Cahuas :)

Es en 2014

jcnventura's picture

Cuidado que aun tardan unos 14 meces.

great news and spirit! kudos

omissis's picture

great news and spirit! kudos guys! ;)

This is an amazing way to conduct the energy from Sao Paulo

pcambra's picture

I love the initiative and fully support it! it's a great way to show the energy that the South American community still have even after the cancellation of Sao Paulo and it seems that the global community also is supporting the effort, let's try to keep the spirit up and reach as many people as we can.


nickvidal's picture

Hi Pedro,

The support from the global community is extremely important to us. As you can imagine, the cancellation of the DrupalCon has really hit us hard. I have heard grown man cry out of pure frustration. Many have lost hope. Flame wars have emerged. The community felt lost and disoriented. Those who were more deeply involved in the process are the one's who are most hurt, and they still need time to recover. The ones that I most consider have not manifested yet here, but they are listening. All this incentive from the global community is therapy for their hearts and souls. Yes, let's keep the spirit up! And, as Fernando from the Peruvian community would say, let's transform the energy!


Kind Regards,

excellent initiative! i'd

dasjo's picture

excellent initiative! i'd love to attend and for sure i'll support you.

that might be a good excuse for doing another drupal tour :) http://dasjo.at/drupal-tour

DrupalCon 2.0, Reloaded, Latino Style

nickvidal's picture

I just wrote this text to express our goals and values:


I would like to dedicate this text to my friends - Fernando Paredes Garcia , Nancy Contreras, Joaquin Bravo, Karim Boudjema, and Felix Delattre - who are the hearts an souls behind the DrupalPicchu initiative. Thank you!

Nick, thanks so much for

victorkane's picture

Nick, thanks so much for sharing some bitter truths so transparently, in the hopes that they won't be repeated. Bottom up is good. Growing Drupal horizontally, where it is most needed, is good. Most of what you are saying is a brilliant application of good old fashioned values from the open source community and from the unconferencing tradition. But many thanks to your brave initiative, now realize that we are free to actually do what makes most sense.

You have shown so clearly and so simply, that open source and unconference are incompatible with corporate bureaucracy and that reaching out to community organizing is a powerful way of shrugging off unnecessary shackles so we can get on with the business of doing what we really do need.

¡Viva DrupalPicchu 2014! and your unconference, uncorporate, unsullied manifesto!

I agree 100% percent, Victor,

Techivist's picture

I agree 100% percent, Victor, & am glad others in the community are taking notice & removing barriers. The idea & spirit behind this event is so very inspiring for Drupalistas around the world. I'm a big champion of INclusivity & am glad that this is at the heart of this event. A lot of us in the Los Angeles community espouse the whole notion of "bottom-up" & invite as many people as possible to participate in camps. A perfect example is Drupal DesignCamp LA which just had it's second offering happen this weekend. At every step of the way, we invited everyone to be a part of the process, whether it was going on site visits for potential venues, planning conference calls or even the open GroupMe (its a mobile app that allows you to be part of & communicate w/a group via SMS) group we created just for the event! I mention all of this to let you folks know that what you're doing is great & others are doing the same in their communities so please, please keep it up!

You can count on me to help out any way I can!

Saludos y un fuerte abrazo desde Los Angeles. Que viva DrupalPicchu!!!

Miguel Hernandez - www.migshouse.com
Founder & CEO - The OpenMindz Group
Writer- Linux Journal & TechZulu

Gracias Miguel

nickvidal's picture

Loved Drupal DesignCamp LA example, not only because of the open spirit regarding organization but also in making the bridge between developers and designers!

Count with me too!!

edutrul's picture

Count with me too!! :)

DrupalCon Latinamerica, Bogotá, Febrero 10-12, 2015
Only local images are allowed.

Good news Drupal Pichu!

vacho's picture

Count with me, and congratulations....

I'm a Drupal enthusiast, and

soncco's picture

I'm a Drupal enthusiast, and I'm from Cusco, how can I help you?


nickvidal's picture

This is wonderful Braulio. Please get in touch with Nancy who is coordinating the efforts from Peru:



Me voy

tsvenson's picture

Count me in. Now I have a year+ to save up to make sure I can get there too.

T: @tsvenson | S: tsvenson.com


nickvidal's picture

That's great Thomas! I look forward to meet you!

Arequipa Team

David Jeyachandran's picture

Count me in too. I'll be there and will certainly bring a group of students from Arequipa (second largest city in Peru and not too far from Cusco).

I'm teaching Drupal at the National University (UNSA) in Arequipa so we have a good group of students who are passionate about learning more and would love to be part of an International event like this.


nickvidal's picture

That's wonderful David! Gracias!

Muy bueno que emoción!

jclema's picture

Esperamos poder atender a nuestros amigos en el Perú.

Gracias Juan

nickvidal's picture

The Peruvian community spirit has been amazing!

1st International Drupal Art Exhibition

nickvidal's picture

It's a great honor to announce the 1st International Drupal Art Exhibition, to be held at DrupalPicchu 2014, with the following slogan: Give Color to the Community!

With the goal of promoting the participation of the Drupal Community in the organization of DrupalPicchu, we are running a series of contests, with prizes ranging from free entrance tickets to an exclusive 'Art Exhibition Sponsor' plan and a free trip to DrupalPicchu.

This is a great opportunity for individuals and companies to expose their art work and help give color to this historic event for the Drupal community!


Volante en Español sobre Drupal en general


topiclaw's picture

And love to see all, good time to say drupal number 1

I am a drupal user, and that's the resion i am here !

See: cong ty luat | maxitalk and my blog

Because i love Drupal!

joseu's picture

You can count on me as well.

Updates from DSL 2013

nickvidal's picture

DrupalPicchu BoF at the Drupal Summit Latino 2013:



add1sun's picture

Hey all,

Will there be a training day/workshops? Are you all planning to have a core mentoring sprint sometime during the event as well?

Learn Drupal online at Drupalize.me

Of course! :)

xamanu's picture

Hi Addison. Yes, it has been talked about having one training/workshop day before the main conference. And afterwards we want to have a couple days of Drupal-Dev-Days-style, more programmer oriented, activities and a core mentoring sprint would fit perfectly there.

You can see a tentative schedule at the notes from the BoF at Drupal Summit Latino: http://groups.drupal.org/node/288673


Joyita's picture

Hello @add1sun, we are in Drupalcon, can we met to talk about your proposal?

  • Nancy

Una drupalera latina,
Haciendo manualidades en EcoArtesanias.com y
Vijando, viajando, viajando!

Meet on sprint day?

add1sun's picture

Hey Nancy,

Today was a bit crazy. Will you be at the sprints tomorrow? I am doing the workshop in the morning, but we can chat in the afternoon.

Learn Drupal online at Drupalize.me

Proposal for Mentoring Sprint before

David Jeyachandran's picture

I'm teaching a Drupal course at a university in Arequipa - not too far from Cuzco. I spoke to the director of Computer Science and she's happy for us to use the facilities here.

We'd need a couple of Drupal developers/trainers who would like to make a difference in the community in this city. My proposal is to have an event in Arequipa several days before the main event in Cusco. Arequipa is at 2300m altitude while Cusco is at 3400m so it would be the perfect place to acclimatise to the altitude while also empowering students.

I'd like to have an open presentation for a 100+ students followed by a mentoring sprint with 5-10 keen students who have completed the course in Drupal and have reasonable English.

We've had fantastic support already from Fernando (@develCuy), Nancy (@joyita) and Carlos Tamayo. Something like this would help build momentum in our city. Anyone interested?

I'll be there!! :)regards

Enrique Arturo Soto Mendoza's picture

Of course, I'll be there!! :)


Free Bus from Arequipa

nickvidal's picture

That's a wonderful initiative, David! I would like to know if we could also provide a free bus for students of the university of Arequipa to attend DrupalPicchu with the help from the university as well as from the event sponsors, what do you think? This will lower the barriers and create more opportunities for these students and everyone.

Bus from Lima and Arequipa

nickvidal's picture

How about offering buses and organizing carpools from Lima and Arequipa? Buses would either be free or we would charge a small price to cover the costs of the bus and drivers. Also, we would encourage people to share their cars.

From Arequipa to Cusco it's about 6 hours. Bus would leave early in the morning and arrive in the evening.

From Lima to Cusco, the bus would make a stop in Nazca. So the 1st day would be Lima to Nazca (6 hours), and the 2nd day would be Nazca to Cusco (8 hours).

Travel distances vs. highlands

develCuy's picture

Just looked at http://www.cruzdelsur.com.pe/ a Peruvian bus company, to confirm that the trip from Lima to Cusco is about 21 hours, because of the highlands.

So, Nazca to Cusco takes about 15 hours :(

Also consider that January is a bit rainy and that increases the already high risk of car accidents in the highlands roads. See the dates on the following example:


This might sound discouraging I know, but plane is still the best cheap safe option IMHO. We are still on time to talk with airlines and get a good deal.

[develCuy](http://steemit.com/@develcuy) on steemit

Trip by air

jsiesquen's picture

Second the motion to make the trip by air.... It would be great to have some good deals of some airline...

Juan Siesquen R.
Force IT Solutions / LPIC-1
Profile: http://cvgram.me/jsiesquen

Thank you!

nickvidal's picture

Thank you for the feedback! Always good to know what's the recommendation from the locals. Nancy also recommended the trip by air. It's funny because I read about the subject and I found quite a few recommendations to travel by bus to see the Nazca lines and the beautiful mountain scenario going up to Cusco, but I guess it's not so straight forward like this. We might in fact have to warn other participants of these challenges so they can avoid it.

Free Bus from Arequipa

David Jeyachandran's picture

This would be great! Happy to talk more to see what we can organize.

Venue and Dates

nickvidal's picture

I have wonderful news!

The Peruvian community has secured the following Venue for DrupalPicchu for January 20-24, 2014:

Universidad Andina del Cusco

That's good, is great news ..

heilop's picture

That's good, is great news ..

Heissen López

Canál de IRC

xamanu's picture

@marvil07 created an IRC channel on Freenode for communication purposes related to the event. Please connect to it: #drupalpicchu. I can provide accounts of IRC bouncers, which is a web application on a server which logs all the parts of communication you are missing when no being conected. Please write me in private if you are involved (or want to be involved) in the orga team and need one.

Nuestro amigo @marvil07 ha crado un canál de IRC en el servidor Freenode que nos ayuda en comunicación de la organización del evento. Por favor conectense a #drupalpicchu Si alguien quiere puedo proveerles cuentas de "IRC bouncers" que es una aplicación en mi servidor que te guarda las partes de las conversaciones cuando no estes conectado. Por favor escribime en privado si necesitas una.

Desculpe não falo Português ;-(

reuniones quincenales

nickvidal's picture

Gran idea! ¿Ademas, qué tal si organizamos reuniones quincenales?


xamanu's picture

Si, por favor. Propon una fecha y empezamos. No nos quedemos mucho en el "no puedo este dia". No habrá un tiempo en cual pueden todas y todos.


drw's picture

Hey guys, these are good news about the next Drupal event at Latino America.
Please count with me, I can help.

Regards from Ecuador


Hey, estas son buenas noticias acerca del próximo evento Drupal.
Por favor cuenten conmigo, puedo ayudar

Saludos desde Ecuador

"De nosotros depende hacer cosas grandes e importantes"

Darwin Betancourt C.
twitter: @1mdarwin
Loja - Ecuador

I agree

drw's picture

I agree with the airplane if this is cheap better :)


"De nosotros depende hacer cosas grandes e importantes"

Darwin Betancourt C.
twitter: @1mdarwin
Loja - Ecuador

I am on board too!!

dannymontalvo's picture

Hello friends,

I am following you about a year ago, that is my first post, the time is very fast, i would be happy to collaborate and support the event in all the possible ways.

Hope to see you on Drupal Picchu!!.


Encantado de ayudar

ragutierrez's picture

I can help too, and I'd be happy to do it.
Let me know if you need something and I think that with Darwin, we both can make a good work team from Ecuador... :P

Greetings from Ecuador

Rommel Gutierrez R.
Loja - Ecuador

You can count on me as

langelhc's picture

You can count on me as well.
See you on #drupalpicchu channel.

Call for Volunteers

nickvidal's picture

Hi everyone,

We are quickly approaching DrupalPicchu (just 4 months away now :) and we are looking for volunteers in all areas:
- Site building
- Art Design
- Content creation
- Marketing
- Academia

Please email me if you would like to help:

Thank you very much!

Kind regards,

love the idea!!!! this is my

lpalgarvio's picture

love the idea!!!! this is my next dream =)

Luís Pedro Algarvio
Drupal and DevOps Developer, Evangelist & Trainer


fidelfmod's picture

for students is free as it can confirm that I'm a student

Talk submissions

nickvidal's picture

Dear all,

We've finally opened talk submissions for DrupalPicchu!


Please submit your session proposal from November 1st till November 29th. Results will be published on December 1st!

Thank you so much!

Kind regards,

Drupal Association Support

nickvidal's picture

The Drupal Association has kindly published a blog post about DrupalPicchu:


They have also awarded a grant to the event:


Thank you for all the support :)

Costa Rica

randallsibaja's picture

Buenas Tardes.

Soy un estudiante de la Universidad de Costa Rica y miembro de la comunidad de software libre, y deseaba saber como hago para poder apartar un espacio para el evento o como tengo que proceder.

Gracias y Saludos.

Pay method

betoquiroga's picture


I need know the deadline to pay 50 dollars. Where do I pay?


Alberto Junior Quiroga Muñoz
CEO | Koalasoft
Only local images are allowed.


nickvidal's picture

Hi Beto,

We'll be opening registrations early December (probably using Paypal).


Last Week to Submit Talk

nickvidal's picture

Hi everyone,

We have only one week left to submit talk proposals to DrupalPicchu. Please submit yours today:



content submitted with error

luco's picture

hello Nick,

I submitted my talk, "Vida de Redshirt", but I got the following error message:

CAPTCHA session reuse attack detected.

I guess that's because I had left the tab open while working on my presentation.

should I resubmit?


Hi Luciano, We received your

nickvidal's picture

Hi Luciano,

We received your presentation fine.



luco's picture

hope it lives up to the DrupalPicchu expectations! :)


Prorroga de 2 semanas

nickvidal's picture

La organización DrupalPicchu 2014 ha ampliado el plazo de propuestas con una prórroga de 2 semanas adicionales al 29 de noviembre, fecha tope para la propuesta de charlas y talleres.

Es decir, tienes días de gracia hasta el 13 de diciembre, para que puedas desocupar tu agenda de las tareas pendientes (que sabemos que son muchas en el mundo Drupal) y te damos más tiempo para que puedas estructurar tu participación como conferencista del evento.

NO dejes pasar la oportunidad de compartir con la comunidad, lo que la comunidad ha compartido contigo. Nuevas generaciones y nuevos adeptos a Drupal necesitan aprender de lo que tu sabes hacer con esta fabulosa herramienta. No subestimes tu conocimiento, la IDEA ES COMPARTIR.

El equipo de ACADEMIA, que es responsable de seleccionar las sesiones, te enviará una notificación si tu propuesta fue aceptada o no el 20 de Diciembre.

No te pierdas la oportunidad de contribuir con tu conocimiento al mejor evento Drupal de latinoamérica y el caribe DrupalPicchu 2014 que se llevará a cabo del 20 al 24 de enero, en Cusco - Perú.

¿Porque se extiende el plazo?
Estamos gestionando espacios adicionales en la Universidad en donde se realizará el DrupalPicchu y así disponer de un mayor número de charlas de las que ya se han propuesto.

2 week extension on call for proposals

nickvidal's picture

The DrupalPicchu 2014 organization has decided to extend the deadline of the call for proposals by two more weeks after November 29th.

We have created this grace period until December 13th to give you more time between all your pendings tasks (we know there are just so many in the Drupal world!) to structure your presentation.

This is the perfect opportunity to give back to the community by sharing your knowledge with the budding Latin American Drupal community, hungry to learn from you experiences using this fabulous tool. -- Do not underestimate your knowledge and the power of sharing it!

The DrupalPicchu ACADEMIA team will be responsible for selecting the sessions and notifying you by email if your proposal has been accepted or not on December 20th.

DrupalPicchu 2014, slated to be the largest Drupal event in Latin America and The Caribbean, is coming to Cusco, Peru from January 20-24th.  Don’t miss this opportunity to contribute with your knowledge, and meet new people from various different walks of life, all united by the same passion you have for Drupal.

Why are we extending the deadline?
The DrupalPicchu event coordinators are working with the venue to get additional space for the event, allowing us to accept more talks, for more people.

Final Opportunity

nickvidal's picture

We have surpassed 50 talk proposals for DrupalPicchu, from 40 authors, from 10 countries! Thank you all for your support!

If you want to submit a talk, this is your final opportunity!


When will registration open?

caspervoogt's picture

When will registration open? I thought early December. I'm eager to sign up because I need to book my flight soon! ;)

We have plenty of room!

develCuy's picture

There is not an ETA for on-line registration but there is plenty of room in the venue, so just make sure to have your transportation ready.

See you in Cusco

[develCuy](http://steemit.com/@develcuy) on steemit

wooho, we're coming!!! Myself

caspervoogt's picture

wooho, we're coming!!! Myself and one other person from Plethora Design.

flight booked!

luco's picture

woohoo! I'm totally going \o/ pretty excited!

see you all there!


Wifero's picture

Greeting friend. I am Cuban, and it makes happy me much that I want to meet me to the same as to all here. Luck

Sorry my english. I don't dominate it very well

El Wifero loco

DrupalPicchu Proposals Published

nickvidal's picture

The proposals have been published:


We've received over 50 talk proposals from 40 authors from 10 different countries. A breakdown of the nationality of the authors follow:

  • Brazil - 14 authors
  • Peru - 9 authors
  • Bolivia - 6 authors
  • USA - 4 authors
  • Argentina - 3 authors
  • Ecuador - 2 authors
  • Chile - 2 authors
  • Colombia - 1 author
  • Mexico - 1 author
  • UK - 1 author

Drupal redshirt reporting for duty!

luco's picture

yay! I'm there!

hey, my talk is in Spanish, but if people want, I can deliver in English too. subtitles might be a problem though.


DrupalPicchu - Social Media

nickvidal's picture

Please follow DrupalPicchu:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Drupalpicchu2014
Twitter: https://twitter.com/drupal_latino
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/DLatinoOrg

See you soon! :)

Coming to Peru!

Juisi's picture


Hablo espanol un poco, comprendo mas.

I'm flying all the way from Helsinki, Finland. My first time in your beautiful country.. can't wait!

To make my intro short; +3 years of full time drupal dev, +7 years of open source web dev. both front/backend. +2 years of SEO experience. Love sound&music, much of my free time i practice or produce. Deeply interested in the Andes/Amazonian culture & heritage. Think i might take my sikuris with me!

I have a few questions, which were not answered thru the contact form. (no answer at all;)
Seems like there's activity on this node so please excuse me it this is not the place:)

  • i would definitely want to pick a hotel/hostel where i can meet up with other community folks. Please suggest me one or a few that might be populated with (english speaking) drupal people!:)

  • i understood that the event is free and there's no need for registration? Wow!

  • lot of the sessions and general info are in spanish/portuguese.. i hope the most important pieces of info for attendees are in english? otherwise i'm in much of need for both english/spanish talking contacts:)

  • can i help with something? the webform for applying as a volunteer was all in spanish.. i can translate it though but won't be writing any long spanish sentences;)

  • anything cool happening after the event? i still have +2 weeks to go :)


nickvidal's picture

Hi Jussi,

It's wonderful to receive people from as far as Finland to the event! Thank you so much for coming!

I have your email address from the last contact, and I'm putting you in touch with speakers so you can book a hotel nearby.

The event will be completely FREE now thanks to Sponsors! :)

As for the language, be prepared for a cultural immerse! We'll have a mix of Spanish, Portuguese, and English. It will be a challenge, but should be lots of fun! Keynotes and many sessions will count with the help of volunteers for translation. If you have any difficulties, be sure to contact the organizers and we'll be glad to help you!

As for volunteering, we would love to have photos and English blog posts, specially after the event. Let's talk at the event to share some ideas. Thanks!

We are planning to climb Machu Picchu. Fernando will give you more details!

See you soon!

Kind regards,

Hello Jussi

camoa's picture

There will be several speakers and attendees that speak english!

I don't know about Hotels yet... I understand we are trying to stay all together, but have had no news on that regard.... yet.

It is awesome that you are coming all the way!! Is it just you or more people from your company is coming?

It's one more week and we see all over there, good luck!!


Juisi's picture

Just me this time. "A holiday". (our company already took care of our expenses at Drupalcon Prague;)
Would be great to have the community to stay together.
Please keep me up with any decisions regarding the accommodation.

Muchas gracias!



nickvidal's picture

Just one week now! So exciting!

Indeed there's no "official" hotel for the event. We are recommending staying at the several hotels (http://en.wikivoyage.org/wiki/Cusco#Sleep) in the historic downtown of Cusco and getting a taxi to the event venue (http://picchu2014.dlatino.org/en/venue).


nickvidal's picture

DrupalPicchu Retrospective: