ICT assets form

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The belgian government is looking for extra money during the current financial crisis. Therefore we must provide them a list of employers they are using ICT-assets of our school. The employers who are using some ICT-assets partially for personal use, will be taxed for benefit in kind.

To accomplish this list, i've created a module for it.
After login, it create a personal webform with the ICT-assets the user has in his possession. This information comes from a MSSQL database.
The user must select for what purpose he's using the asset(s). The results will be put back into the MSSQL database.
For every personal asset, there will be a download link to the corresponding personal generated PDF loan agreement.
The user can choose if these agreements must be send to his mail-adres.


Is the login/username created

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Is the login/username created in Drupal for every employer? Or where is Drupal getting this information from?

using ldap_integration

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We use the ldap_integration module for the authentication against our active directory.
This module creates/update the user-account (and his roles, for permissions) on drupal each time a user login.

We're using

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We're using http://drupal.org/project/shib_auth for the same reason. We don't tell drupal who's a staff member of a student, drupal gets this info from the Shibboleth servers in Leuven.

using more roles ?

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As i understand it right, you are using only 2 roles, 'staff member' and 'student' ?
Or do you use more roles, and from which shibboleth attributes do you create these extra roles ?

We create from certain AD-group corresponding drupal roles for our permission controle. (For example the editors from a specific departement, or content only available for a specific departement)