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This is not a classical project, or job posting this is something different!

We are in the beginning to create a creative start-up company focusing and researching web2.0 services. We need you to get our idea into a product which will change the way people, products and manufacturer are related to each other.

What we have:
A very creative business idea and the design process to implement this.
Market research is done and we currently in screen designs and checking patents and copyrights.

What we know and believe.
We are two very passionate IT professionals with a lot of experience (over 25 years) and we are sure that this will have a significant impact in the world of products, social experience and brands and we are sure this has a high potential for a big business.

What we are looking for?
What we are looking for is a extraordinary skilled web developer who joins our small team as the Software Architect/Chief Software Designer from the start. The one we are looking for should have the capability to transform business ideas into user accepted, great looking and easy to us applications. A genius who hows how to design a software stack and develop based on drupal a web application that can scale for 1000s of concurrent users. What we offer is a chance to join a great idea start, help us to make it happen and use this a great opportunity to shape together with us the future. We are not looking for some project work or a sort term assignment. We want to design and develop a game changer to make a difference, really somebody joining our vision and looking for an opportunity to make a big difference.

What you should know
So this is not a hourly paid or fixed price project, this is a life changing opportunity where we need passionate and genius individuals who are willing to take some risk but who are also willing to change the game!. If you are hungry for success, willing to take a risk, have time to allocate to this job (we do not ask you for 100%) and want to show that you can come up with something which changes peoples behaviors and demands - than you should contact us to find out if you fit into the team.
If you are looking for a project or short term paid job, than please do not respond to this ad, it saves your and our time.

What do we offer?
For the matter of fact that we are in a early stage of starting and funding the business we are not offering pay by hour. So what your reward? Here it comes we offer you a fair share on the newly founded company (LLC) and with this the position we call it our Chief Software Architect. You will be in charge for the future development, direction and success of implementing the defined ideas into a exceptionally user experience based on drupal and jquery.

If you still reading and want to know what is it all about, than send us your application with clearly defined projects and references proofing your skills. Please do not apply when you are beginner in drupal, we need as mentioned a guru in drupal with fitting the following skill sets on frontend and backend.


Please explain as well how many time you can invest into such a project and how you would explain your personality and what your want to achieve. If you are looking for your chance to make your own business team up with us and we make it together.

Hoping to here from you soon.

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