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I need help to make a website to connect volunteers in a collaborative translation work. It is a postcard and translation project, you can see our simple website here to get an idea: - It is a non-commercial initiative, it is registered in the Norwegian Voluntary Register as a NGO.

All the content on the website should be translated by humans (no machine translations). All the translations should work like a wiki, where people can correct or confirm each others translations, and look at the history record and discuss the translations. The texts will have different source languages, and people should be able to see all existing translations for the languages they have registered that they know.

People should be able to have a profile and interact with each other in an intuitive way. People should be able to write a small presentation about themselves, upload pictures and register basic information.

For a start, we need a simple website where people can find our project invitation in their own language. We will fix the design ourselves and then we only need help to implement it.

We only want to use open source technology so we prefer to use PostgreSQL.

I have a budget for this to the one who will be able to set the webpage as explained above, please contact me for further details.