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The Drupal Branding And Marketing Committee {BAM} needs your help!
We are trying to come up with Fundraising Ideas and we would like to hear ideas from you. These ideas must be NEW and not pull funds away from existing sources that already support the Drupal Association.

Where Does The Money Go?
BAM is working on some BIG goals. You can participate in the conversation here on GDO. Right now, we are working on several initiatives that each would require a financial outlay. Plus, we are planning for a significant investment throughout 2013 for the launch of Drupal 8. Our ideas include the purchase of print ads, video production, swag, exhibit booth materials, printed material, professional analysis services, and much more.

Who Is / What Is BAM?
BAM is a grassroots committee, led by Ben Finklea, that exists under the DA and consists of at least one board member and an international cast of independent Drupalers, shop owners, marketers, designers, themers, and coders, who volunteer their time, talents, and resources to place Drupal in the best position possible for future growth via Branding and Marketing. Read more about the creation of BAM in the official announcement by the DA.

Why Fund Raising?
BAM seeks to be as self sufficient as possible. The DA operates on a budget and, like any other organization, would do more if it had more. BAM would like to raise money for the DA that will be earmarked for Marketing, PR, and branding-related expenditures. The DA Board will approve any fundraising activities as well as each marketing initiative. So, just to be clear, this discussion is about ideas to raise funds not how they will be spent. We'll put the best ideas into a proposal for the DA Board to approve.

What Is Fund Raising?
For our purposes this fund raising effort will be a vehicle to create new sources of income for the DA which will be used for BAM related expenses. Suggestions may be a single idea with a one time payout or for an arrangement that would bring in ongoing income.

Just reply to this thread with your ideas. Once we get a volume of them, we may post them on a Wiki for easier display and management.

Thank you from the BAM committee!

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