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Eigentor & I prepared this after chatting with Bojhan and Yoroy. All are invited to submit suggestions.

Drupal 7 is at a critical stage and requires user testing. This page is to help prepare a demo-site to make it easy for new user-testers to join in, and make a significant contribution to Drupal development. This will ensure that pivotal patches get the user testing they need, and that we don't trod old ground and waste time.

There are several events coming up, camps & meet-ups where participants would be able to sit down and run several user tests.

We want to make it easier for people to participate.


  • New contributors to the Drupal Usability effort may not know "where the action is"
  • An install of Drupal 7 won't have appropriate patches applied to it
  • Errors with only one user do not display a pattern; we need multiple occurrences of the same error
  • Patches which need to be tested might already be out of date (the drop is always moving)


  • To identify patches which represent changes since the last d7UX tests done in Baltimore.
  • These patches can then be applied to a demo site which incorporate changes and can be crowd-source tested.
  • Hot patches need to be tested an updated.

How to:

Hot Patches!

Shortcut bar (Admin header/Overlay)
isn't this the overlay?

D7UX: Implement customizable shortcuts for the toolbar

Edit links everywhere => D7UX: Put edit links on everything => Drupal, theme system, critical, needs review, 89 comments, 19 IRC mentions

Textfield to slider behavior

Usability: Improve help text in block.module

"Show on all pages" - block specific settings

Submit & Save buttons light grey, not noticeable

D7UX toolbar: Usability in narrow viewports
Other patches

Menu name = node title upon node edit through user interface
Video of latest patch for this:

New field type for profile: taxonomy

Dashboard Module

"Save draft" Button
This does not even have a patch - but is to be watched closely, since it changes publishing workflow quite a bit.

Use Seven theme for installation/upgrade
Made a video of this difference:
If you want to test installation with someone, the reactions to the changed looks would be interesting. This is in the google repository version.

Add colouring and description to password checker
See video of the current patch:

Config and modules page

Add UI text to make date format choices less ambiguous
- this is being mooted by a major change to date localisation.


Wow, the drop really is always moving. Since this list was made a few patches have already gotten committed. But we may want to pay attention to usability issues arising out of their inclusion.

Position of teaser field above main text field in Node form.
User-Test Position of Teaser field above main text field in node form
[This patch has been committed as of 11 Sept]

Improve taxonomy help text for vocabularies (duplicate) (this was turned into duplicate issue after 'remove wall of text' )


Add hot patches to this list, run tests on the patches or sign up to take part in this effort. You need a minimum of 15 minutes with a user, screen recording software, a good mic, and some time to write up your findings.

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