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Do you want the opportunity of a lifetime - to participate in the creation of an organizing platform and frontend site for one of the most well loved radical unionist/syndicalist organizations out there? The vision is there, and someone is there to facilitate and foster it with a profound knowledge of Drupal - using Drupal 7, Panopoly as a base distribution, Radix Theme (Twitter Bootstrap), Panels, Party (yes, very specific reasons here), Profile2, Rules, Drupal Commerce, Organic Groups, Search API, Services API and a general composition of really powerful Drupal modules and features, we will build it!

I myself am the project 'manager' and tech lead for this project. The scope is very clear and well defined, and the stakeholder is excellent to work with. The implementation strategy is there. However, I, like many drupal devs, only have about 15hrs a week to devote to it, possibly more given demand during specific phases. To make it happen, we need to double or even triple that weekly capacity. Though this organization usually relies on the mutual aid of members and allys, they have offered funds straight from membership as part of a participatory process. It's actually pretty freakin' historic!

Extensive experience with Entity API, Field API and OOP PHP principles. A really forward thinking and open minded approach to Drupal development, coupled with a strong methodology for problem solving and understanding a path of solutions is great. If you speak the language of CTools, Views, Panel Panes, Ctools Contexts, Views Bulk Operations, you are going to get me all excited. If you are familiar with features-based development workflows, agile, and are familiar with using Pantheon, oooh! If you are already working with Panopoly, then please do not hesitate! Oh and a familiarity with and passion for worker power and grassroots organizing would be grand!

UX/Visual Design/Frontend Peoples:
Leaps with exaltation at the opportunity to use Twitter Bootstrap 2.1, Radix for Panopoly and the cutest responsive grid system ever with panels/panelizer/awesomesauce, and likes to get all SASSy. Has a keen idea of what users will want, and can help with a lot of site building tasks too. Panopoly experience would as well be spectacular. A knowledge of union organizing models, or at least grassroots, bottom-up activist organizing models and the tools that are employed in this capacity would be pretty handy as well. If you can use Fireworks then we can set you up with a really snazzy wireframing kit for Bootstrap. I myself am pretty damn good at UX design and very aware of the user stories and needs of the project, so you would have someone to collaborate with who could kinda sketch things out for you to realize in greater detail.

Despite the incredibly playful nature of this message, it's a very serious offering (with a real contract and everything), and is the kind of work that both future generations and our collective ancestors would smile on us for doing. If you get all warm and fuzzy when you hear the phrase "Another World is Possible", and either of the above apply, you should email me straightaway at

Much love and solidarity,

Richard Schulte

P.S. I am based in Cleveland, though I frequent the Twin Cities and Chi-Town for my day hustle. Stakeholders from San Francisco are leading up the frontend effort. If you know what organization I'm talking about just by reading this, or have a pretty good idea, then it doesn't matter where you are, we are everywhere!

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