PRELIMINARY INFO: Western NY State Drupal MINI-CAMP, 4/2013. . . .

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The Western New York State Drupal User Group knows about your bogged down winter and soon to be dreary spring. . . .

How about a change of scenery?

Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 27, 2013 . . . our first MINI-CAMP.

Picture it being a little warmer, still pre-DrupalCon, and a prime time to get some Drupal people together in a casual setting.

Sign-up and details will appear here in the following weeks. Here is the plan so far:

    • One day only
    • Late morning start (to accommodate travelers)
    • Ideally, an intro keynote
    • On-premises lunch (the main cost, unless sponsored)
    • Sessions and BOFs, like any other camp
    • Wrap up by dinnertime.

We received a great off-season rate on a conference facility, just built and complete with A/V and Wi-Fi, in the resort town of Ellicottville, NY. Restaurants and bars in the adjacent village make it easy to split off and continue conversations through the evening.

For now the attendance limit is 45. Outside the regional scope of our G.d.o group, this event will mix in attendees from neighboring Drupal groups around the Great Lakes circuit. Cleveland is exactly three hours away; Toronto, just under three; Rochester, two. The Inn at Holiday Valley has offered us a deal on single/double occupancy rooms.

In advance of the final schedule, please take the accompanying poll.

Questions? Pose them in the comments.

And last, we still need some volunteers, pronto. Nominate yourself for any task you know you can handle.

Remember, April 27, and thanks for being involved in this!


Great idea

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This is a nice way to usher out a long winter. Great Idea John.

If anyone in the GTA is planning to drive down for this and has room in their car, please let me know :)


Michael Keara
User Interface Systems Architect,
The User Advocate Group

Coming from Toronto

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I'm also interested (and willing to share fuel charges) if someone's willing to drive from Toronto.

looking forward to this

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thanks for putting this together - looks like a great location and time.

I'd be up to come again this

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I'd be up to come again this year. I can present again as well.

Thanks for the early feedback. . . .

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Who has keynote suggestions?


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i live 4 minutes from there. i would love to help.

It is a damn poor day when you don't learn something.


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Hope to be able to make it, and to bring some Northeast Ohioans along!

Count me in

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Let me know what you need help with.


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I live close to Ellicottville, I will be there and can help in any way you might need.

This is moving along smartly. . . .

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Great, it seems we have a critical mass of helpers forming. Let's shoot for a Goog+ Hangout or at least an online conversation within the next couple of weeks. Volunteer roles up for grabs: food/beverage planning, day-of-event setup and knockdown, and publicity / program wrangler. Reminder, this isn't a full-blown camp. (Yet!)

By the end of the first week of April, Holiday Valley will need to settle on all the details. We already have some nice lunch options from them and really the present task is predicting the attendance count. I'm hoping to get the poll back up and active by early next week to help determine that, then we would simply post the miniCamp as an event to the WNY group and allow signups. Forget the overhead of a dedicated COD-based camp website, unless someone has time to tinker.

As for cost, between lunch and facility fee it should be reasonable. Even with minimal attendance we're probably looking in the 25 dollar range per person, but with some sponsors and extra attendees, of course that stands to drop. We already have tentative interest from one large Drupal company, and another business is planning to donate some supplies.

Meantime, thanks everyone and keep posting ideas—remember, this is whatever we want to make it into. The result will be great no matter what, having a chance to meet in an informal setting, without all the commotion of most other bigger events.


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I'm really hoping to be there and able to present.
I'll confirm with you asap :D

The POLL is up for two weeks. . . .

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Please take it at

More info on the event proper soon. We are discussing it at this evening's meetup.

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Find out more here:

We will start assigning tasks and go over the basics of what to expect at the event on April 27.

Thanks in advance for all your help.

BTW, please keep spreading the poll URL above; it is supposed to be wrapping up this coming Tuesday, 3/12.

The poll is closing. . . .

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In case you haven't yet voted on attendance, get to it fast:

UPDATE on 4/27 miniCamp planning. . . .

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Our initial planning session went well. Thanks to all of our new volunteers. Expect to get another update on event details in the coming weeks.

Meantime, check out the new post from Nick:

In lieu of voting on a dedicated miniCamp site, just post your proposed sessions/BoFs there, and we will all "plus up" those we'd like to see.


Toward a mini-camp head count. . . .

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Thanks for taking the attendance poll that closed this week.


  1. To target the number having lunch (of course we hope you'll stick around for that!):

  2. To comment on what you plan to present:

  3. To sign up for our WNYDUG mailing list to get future updates:

Final event sign-up and details are slated to be posted soon!

Keep visiting this WNY mini-camp thread. . . .

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Please check out the three links above, if you haven't yet.

Some people are asking if they can also post BoF ideas on the page in 2.) above.


Watch as confusion begins

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Videographer confused during filming on what he was filming

See the video of the Birdie room and some other conference spaces at Holiday Valley Resort at

It is a damn poor day when you don't learn something.

Stay tuned for a WNYDUG mini-camp update. . . .

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We are getting info together, and will be working on the next publicity at our local brick-and-mortar meetup this Wed. in Batavia:

Meantime, be sure you have checked in here:

Event signup is live. . . .

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From now on, please visit this thread: