DrupalPicchu BoF at the Drupal Summit Latino

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BoF: Participa del DrupalPicchu

During the Drupal Summit Latino - Loja 2013 we held a little BoF about DrupalPicchu. The main motivation was to include people, answer questions and push the emotion to start working on the planning and execution of the event.

I would like to share with everybody who could not be at the Drupal Summit Latino what was talked. Please be aware that no decision at all has been taken, everything spoken are proposals, ideas, brainstorming and should not be taken as anything concrete.

Felix, started explaining the background of how the idea was born, making mainly reference to Nick's initial post. It was asked the state of the local organization and Nancy explained that the local University (Universidad Andina del Cusco) has given it's full suport and can provide rooms and labs. Further the local team is going to check possibilities to get the Cusco Convention Center, maybe with sponsorship by the local administration, because it is somehow more expensive. And Nancy mentioned that Alberto S., who has a drupal shop and wide experience in organizing big events, announced his possible support to the local team. She is going to travel to Cusco to get further information about this possible support with the persons in charge and will have news within one month from now. Depending on these conversations the dates for DrupalPicchu will be defined, as soon as possible.

Nancy asked for a tentative time-frame and duration of the event, so after some discussion we propose one entire week, that could be scheduled as following:

  • Monday: Workshops
  • Tuesday: Talks
  • Wednesday: Talks
  • Thursday: Dev Days
  • Friday: Dev Days
  • Saturday: Touristic trip (Machu Picchu)
  • Sunday: Touristic trip (Machu Picchu)

Felix proposed that the Dev Days focus of DrupalPicchu is after the main talks, to have the speakers and everybody without any obligations of preparing talks, etc. With base on that Nancy will make a proposal of venues and provide a cost estimation. Another important point, we talked about, is the Internet. For the DrupalPicchu an excellent internet connection is required. Therefore we might have to pay. The local team should check feasibility and look for possible sponsorship of national ISPs.

As next steps in a brainstorm we propose the following:

  • Everybody is invited to help to transmit the idea of a "DrupalPicchu" and find volunteers.
  • We need to define the flavor of the event (values, explain nicely what is meant by Drupal Picchu)
  • We need to define the target audiences. By what we propose and understand that DrupalPicchu unlikely as Drupalcamps and the Drupal Summits in Latin America is not mainly targeted to the local community, but to Drupaler@s of all Latin America and the world).
  • We see the necessity of getting to work and define the working groups.
  • Especially to ensure a good attendance and sponsors we need to make progress fastly and sell the event well.

Some attendees of the BoF wanted to express their commitment to volunteer in the event:

  • Website group: Joaquin Bravo, Alberto Arancibia, Leandro Nunes, Christian Galicia, Javier Reartes, Heissen Lopez
  • Logistics: Nancy Contreras
  • Dev Days: Felix Delattre, Diego Tejera, Marco Villegas (stepped up at DrupalCamp Bolivia)
  • Sessions/Talks: Fernando Paredes, Eric Aguayo
  • Sponsorship: Leandro Nunes, Aldibier Morales, Luis Felix

The next steps are that groups communicate publicly on g.d.o the first meetings and to form teams to start working.

It was a nice and motivating meeting where we all laughed a lot. Further meetings like this to involve people are planned for DrupalCamp Sao Paulo and DrupalCamp Puebla, Mexico. If you could not participate but want to volunteer keep an eye open to the call of online meetings in this respective group to line up and help for this historic event.

Thanks to everybody who was there and those who don't :-)
¡Viva DrupalPicchu!


It is great to hear again

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It is great to hear again about this event organization moving.

I also want to confirm I would like to help specially on the sprint'ing/hackefest side of the event.

@Felix: thanks for the notes!

BTW, is there a mailing list I should follow about the organization? or other communication channel I should be listening?

Thanks Felix and everyone at

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Thanks Felix and everyone at the DrupalSummit Latino!

The spirit from the Latin Drupal community is amazing!


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Thanks for letting us know so promptly and congratulations on taking it with the seriousness it deserves.
From Bolivia will make every effort to attend and contribute massively to the event.

This is so exciting!

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Great Spirit!
Keeping up all this enthusiasm
this will surely be the best Drupal Latino community event ever!

Si se puede imaginar, se puede programar.

This is great

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Is great to see all the ideas talked that day summarised, thanks Felix. We have a lot do, wich is inspiring, let's keep this moving.

Yeah!!! now we should follow

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now we should follow up with a post about what we plan on doing on each of the groups (website, logistics, etc) so other people can join.

@Marvil07, I would say that the latin-america group would be a good place to continue this conversations. It's public, it's on groups.drupal.org, and it can send emails if you subscribe. Or don't know if anyone has other suggestions about other possible mediums, or other suitable groups within the same groups.drupal.org

+1 a usar g.d.o/Latin-America

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+1 a usar g.d.o/Latin-America

This is awesome!

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This is just awesome!

I was in this drupal Summit, we learned a lot and share our experiences.

Congratulations to everyone!! And Let's go for more in Drupa Picchu!

I was wondering If I could join to "Website Group"?


DrupalCon Latinamerica, Bogotá, Febrero 10-12, 2015
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Web site development

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Like edutrul, I'd like to be part of the development team, who are involved?

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