DrupalCampChina 2013 Keynote: Drupal, Hypermedia and the Future of the Web

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Drupal, Hypermedia and the Future of the Web

Drupal is used to build some of the biggest and best known sites on the web and thousands of developers are utilizing it to build nearly 10% of every site on the web. The latest version, Drupal 8, expected to be released before the end of the year, substantially rewrites entire sections, incorporating the Symfony2 framework to completely change how its used to build websites and web applications.

But how do you know if you're using Drupal in the *right* way? Drupal 8 represents the single biggest change in its history; what do you need to know to begin using it effectively?

In this keynote presentation, Forest will present a deeper explanation of the whys and and wherefores of the new hypermedia architectural patterns at the heart of Drupal, and a deep dive into what lies ahead for Drupal 8 in order to convey an understanding of how to use it in the right way, and how Drupal fits into a greater historical shift in the web and mobile technology, what the future of the web looks like, and how you can use Drupal to get there first.

About the speaker:
Forest Mars is a New York based hypermedia architect who works extensively with Drupal, using it in pioneering projects such as New York's first/only free Internet café, the city's first wireless Internet service provider, a video delivery network for the world's largest television network and New York City's first civic engagement platform for the borough of Manhattan.

He most recent position was CTO of the 2nd highest funded Drupal startup in the world, picked by Business Insider as one of the top 3 Silicon Alley companies to watch in 2012 and by Forbes as one of the "10 Brilliant Apps every SMB should be using."

Currently, he's the Director of Drupal Solutions at Elephant Ventures, a boutique engineering firm focusing high performance continuous integration, large data operations and eCommerce.

Forest also serves as President of the Community Free Software Group, a 501c3 foundation dedicated to advancing the cause of free and open networks.



Drupal 构建了互联网世界里一些最大、最有名的网站,占据10%的网络市场份额,拥有数千名开发者。最新版Drupal 8 将重写整体框架,通过整合Symfony2 彻底改变网站/应用架构方式,有望在年底前发布。

如何判断你在*正确*地使用 Drupal 呢?Drupal 8 代表了Drupal 发展进程中仅有的最大改变,如何才能有效启用?

在这场主题演讲中,Forest 将深度解读Drupal核心的新超媒体架构模式和Drupal 8 前景,传达他对正确使用Drupal、Drupal如何迎接网络和移动化技术的历史性变革、未来网络发展、利用Drupal实现技术革新的理解。

Forest Mars来自纽约,是一位超媒体架构师。他利用Drupal创建了许多创意项目,如纽约市第一/唯一一家互联网咖啡馆、第一家无线因特网服务供应商、全球最大电视广播公司的视频交付网络、纽约市第一家曼哈顿区民众参与平台。

Forest的上一份工作是担任全球第二大Drupal创业公司的首席技术官(CTO),该公司曾入选商业新闻博客(Business Insider)评选的2012年三大硅谷公司,并被福布斯杂志(Forbes)评为“十大中小企业必备APP”之一。

Forest现在是Elephant Ventures公司的Drupal项目主管,该公司致力于提供高质量、高性能的持续集成(Continuous Integration)、大型数据运行以及电子商务解决方案。

Forest同时还兼任社区免费软件集团(Community Free Software Group)的主席,该组织是非盈利性机构,专注于推动自由开放网络的发展。

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