Sydney April Drupal Meetup: Demos

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2013-04-18 18:30 - 20:00 Australia/Sydney
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User group meeting

The April Sydney Drupal meetup will be dedicated to "demos". A time for Drupal geeks to crack open their laptops and show us something interesting.

We've got a varied bunch of demos this month covering theming, site building, module development and accessibility. There's something for everyone. Talks will be limited to 15 mins each, including question time.

Thanks so much to the speakers who have volunteered their time and energy.


When: Thursday, April 18th
Time: 6:30pm - 8:00pm (Show up around 6:30pm for firm 7pm start)
Venue: Fishburners, Level 1, 608 Harris St, Sydney ( Map )


  • 6:30 - 7:00 Pizza (incl. vegetarian choices), drinks and socialising
  • 7:00 - 8:00 Demos!


  • Responsive websites by Colin Watson. The use of Zen Grids to take your content focussed design past the limitations of the 960 grid.
  • Using Rules for Site Business Logic by Peter Cossey. A short and sweet demo on how you can utilise the rules module to codify logic.
  • Tools and Techniques for WCAG compliance by Christian Biggins. A walk through the steps taken to assess a site for accessibility.
  • Autocomplete for Entity Reference by Thomas Sutton. A quick demo of an autocomplete plugin Thomas is working on for Entity Reference.


Shout out to PreviousNext who have kindly chipped in this month for pizza. Thanks!

Chat: #drupal-au on freenode : Connect


Responsive websites

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Summary: I'd like to submit a 15 min session on 'Responsive websites'. My session will highlight the following 3 things (plus a bonus demo at the end). It's big picture (concept and philosophy) but also a few little details to go with it. My aim is to get an offline discussion/debate later around this.

  1. Responsive forces you to think about something (clue: content, yes, but specifically what?)

  2. '960 is a joke in yo town'. Thinking beyond 960 pixels.

  3. Using Zen Grids to do responsive (can be used on any CMS theme, or even static HTML sites).

Bonus: how to test your local responsive site on a device.

Colin Paul Watson

Sounding good Colin

murrayw's picture

Nice one. It'd be great to have a presentation for angry themers after last months performance fest :) So this sounds really good. I'm digging the big picture stuff and am interested to hear your ideas. I think that we are about to see a renaissance of the web what with the renewed focus on content and content focussed design. My only suggestion would be to focus on the demo aspect to show how Zen Grids can help achieve those goals.

Thanks for stepping up.

Drupal Geek

Wilco, Rambler

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Yup, there will be a demo involving how to do that with a competent grid system (Zen Grids in this case). The intro stuff will lead into it :)

Colin Paul Watson

Rules demo for site business logic

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@murrayw, @pameeela I've got a short and sweet Rules demo. Sign me up!

Thanks Peter

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Done. There're two (maybe three) slots left people :)

Drupal Geek

@murrayw, @pameeela: I've had

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@murrayw, @pameeela: I've had a presentation on high-res graphics sitting around for a while so if you like, I could polish it up and give it after Colin's.

Thanks Geoffrey - is it a

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Thanks Geoffrey - is it a demo? We're trying to stay on-theme - if so then great, if not then maybe save it for May? Up to you, let us know.

Not yet it isn't. Right now I

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Not yet it isn't. Right now I have a bunch of slides sitting round at that cover what I'm talking about, but I'm not sure that it would be feasible, let alone easy to demonstrate, especially since not everyone will have a high DPI device on hand and that sort of platform would be necessary to demonstrate that what I'm talking about actually makes a difference.

If there's still a spot left

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If there's still a spot left I'll do a quick demo of an autocomplete plugin I'm working on for Entity Reference.


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Looks like you just scraped it in :)

Drupal Geek

Hey Murray, is there a demo

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Hey Murray, is there a demo spot left? I would like to do a lightning demo of Drupal Commons 3.0 and a User Personalisation/WEM demo.



A bit tight

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Hi David, at the moment we have 4 demos locked in and I'd say it would be a bit too tight to squeeze a Commons/WEM demo in. To do it justice, and to cover the time/effort you'd take getting here, it would be best to do it another month. Thanks for the offer - hope to see some more about WEM soon :)

Drupal Geek

That WCAG guy seems a bit

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That WCAG guy seems a bit alright.

A little demo taster;


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