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Hello Bham Drupalers,

I'm looking for someone to help out my first drupal client. The scope creep has gotten beyond the amount of free time I have (let's face it, I want to do laundry sometimes). Somehow we haven't even touched the brochure portion I was hired to do, but they need more and more functionality. They're insisting on a custom calendar and I'm sure the whole site could use a clean up as this was my first time using drupal. I was working for them for $25/hr, which I know is below market rate, but I'm sure they'd be open to pitches from someone who could get the job over and done with. I'd also be willing to pay someone part of the $25 to walk me through the last few bits (I can't pay much, but I'm very into learning and this way you don't have to deal directly with his secretary, which is not my favorite).

If you're interested, you can check out the site here:


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Have you received any help yet?

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Have you gotten any help yet? I'd be happy to sit and brainstorm with you (for nothing more than coffee) and give you what help I can if you are still looking.


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Hello Tanya,

That sounds great! I could reserve the meeting room at the Flatiron Woods building if you'd like. I know we have a holiday coming up, so let me know your availability and I'll work it into my schedule.