New OpenAid site! Is there documentation for the project?

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I'm setting up a new site using the OpenAid distribution, and I'm really excited about what it has to offer.

I'm curious if there is any documentation running around regarding OpenAid specific information. I'm fairly new to Drupal so it's possible there isn't any need for OpenAid documentation, but I feel I'm not understanding a few features, first off the "hero" statement. Secondly... where to I "register" or mention the name of my site to increase the count on # of sites using this distro?

thanks for any help!


OpenAid Documentation coming soon!

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Hi Brian,

That's great to hear that you're using OpenAid. We're actually in the process of creating documentation for OpenAid, so you're asking at just the right time. We expect to have the initial documents up on the project page by the end of the week. I'll make sure an explanation of the Hero statement gets into that first batch of tutorials.

Also, users such as yourself are the perfect candidates to provide feedback so once that documentation is up on the site we'd love to hear your thoughts, requests for topics to be covered, etc.

To answer your second question, as long as you have the Update manager module enabled your site will automatically register as a site using OpenAid.

Thanks for getting in touch and expect to hear more from us soon.


Hero Statement

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Hi Brian,

Documentation is still a work in progress. Did you still have specific questions I could help answer about OpenAid? Would you still like an explanation of the Hero statement?


Updates to modules

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Hi, Clayton,
We just downloaded OpenAid (thanks for your work on this!) and are looking at using it for a new project.

The first thing I noticed is that many modules are out of date. What is the best strategy for updating core and the modules. Since the modules are in root/profiles/contrib/modules, drush did not work to do downloads/updates.

We will certainly also provide feedback on the documentation when you post it. (Any estimate of when?)

Regards, Don

OpenAid documentation

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Check out the existing OpenAid documentation. It is a collaborative project, so edits/improvements are welcome :-)

Brylie Christopher Oxley

OpenAid Documentation

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Brylie: It says access denied when I try to access content indicated above.

Hi garg_art, This link should

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Hi garg_art,

This link should work -

Let me know if you run into any other questions as you're working with OpenAid.