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Do you have a solid experience with Apache Solr? Have your worked on Drupal 6 multilingual websites?
The OSCE needs your help to customize its Apache Solr engine.

For more details, please contact Jean-Baptiste ( or Gnindl (

Job Title Consultant, Apache Solr Search Engine Website Integration
Organization Name OSCE Secretariat
Location Vienna,AT
Closing Date of application 04.09.2013

Please note that the expected duration of this assignment is 14 working days, with possible travel to Vienna.

Tasks and Responsibilities
The OSCE is looking for a consultant to integrate an Apache Solr search engine with the OSCE Public Website Drupal Content Management System.

Under the direct supervision of the Public Website Manager and in the close co-operation with the Web Developer, the consultant will advise on the improvement and implementation of the integration between an existing Apache Solr and a Drupal CMS instance. The project focuses on two major areas: enabling search for content in various languages and optimizing search results performance and responsiveness.

More specifically, the tasks and responsibilities include:

  • Assessing the current environment by providing input on industry best practices;
  • Configuring multilingual text analysis supporting non-Latin characters in the OSCE's official languages (English, Russian, French, German, Spanish, Italian), as well as Eastern-Europe, South-Eastern Europe and Central Asian languages;
  • Tweaking search relevancy and weighting algorithms;
  • Setting up search facets and filters;
  • Depending on performance optimization results, setting up Solr's Distributed Search using the multicore feature with sharding logic, as defined by requirements of the OSCE;
  • Adapting Drupal integration as needed;
  • Performance tuning;
  • Testing and deploying upon production.

The expected output/deliverables are:
- Solr configuration supporting various languages as defined;
- Drupal integration of Solr, including Faceted search and attachment indexing;
- Custom Solr plugin development if necessary;
- Custom Drupal module development if necessary;
- System documentation.

How To Apply
Directly on the OSCE website (link bellow).
Any question? Please contact Jean-Baptiste ( or Gnindl (