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I am working with a startup that wants to use Drupal. We do not have Drupal experience in-house, and as a result plan to outsource most of the Drupal development and maintenance. Before we write our product requirements document and a request for proposal for the initial work, we need to translate our current requirements document into somewhat more Drupal-ish requirements.

I'm looking for someone in the Washington DC area that has 3 to 5 days available to sit down with me and:

a) Help me translate our requirements into something appropriate for a Drupal PRD/RFP,
b) Educate me in what parts of Drupal are stable and which parts are, er, non-stable,
c) Point out solid Drupal implementations we can use as reference points for what we're going to do, and
d) Help me better understand the Drupal vendor landscape.

My hope is to engage someone that has a siginificent amount of experience in building high quality, high traffic stable Drupal based sites. I'm quite flexible and can do the work over a couple of weekends if the right person has a weekday gig.

Please note: Good is more important to me than cheap. I'm not looking at using Drupal because I'm hoping to get everything as cheaply as possible. I'm looking at Drupal as an alternative to rolling our own system and/or a commercial CMS'. I know that every startup that is hiring says they are well funded, so I won't say it, but right now time is more important to me than money :-) .

Andy Forbes
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