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"Open Source," a web community and public radio show, is hiring a technical director to: manage and build out the web application at; link the production of a daily national radio show into the semantic web; make use of an eager, registered, international community; and, most immediately, oversee a rebuild of the current site.

“Open Source” is a small nonprofit production company credited with helping reinvent radio; we want to keep doing it, and we need help expanding and refining our set of web-based tools. We're looking for someone immersed in free software development; who can define a project and see it all the way through troubleshooting and implementation; and who can code on his or her own as well as motivate and manage a shifting web community of enthusiastic technical volunteers.

The ideal candidate will have a demonstrated ability to see software development projects through to completion; a solid command of Apache, MySQL, PHP and one or more open-source CMSs; knowledge of Creative Commons licenses, SourceForge and folksonomies like Flickr and Familiarity with social media is crucial. The position will be located in Boston.

Please email a resume and a cover letter to:

hire radioopensource org


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