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Before we even talk about the gig, if you know someone who is looking for a job, and we end up hiring them, we'll give you $250. All you have to do is introduce us.

Us: A Drupal development firm, working with some of the biggest and challenging sites in the Drupal Community

You: A talented individual with php skills, CSS skills, Drupal Themeing skills (or we can train you on these), etc.

The offer: Full time employment working on some of the biggest progressive advocacy sites, Rockstar musician sites, Union sites and gaming sites. If you like us, the possibility to join the company on a long term basis, or if you don't want that, short term employment.

You'll get to work with core Drupal developers and help develop some exciting new modules for the Drupal community. On our team are some of the coolest Drupal Developers in the world.

Also, we'll pay you a decent salary and give you health benefits (based on your experience level).

* Must have ADVANCED experience in CSS.
* Must have working knowledge of Drupal, and the Drupal Theme Layer.
* Must be willing to work from your home location (anywhere in the world) though we do have an office in NYC if you want to work there.

Not required, but it would be great if:
* You are comfortable with PHP
* You had some professional training.
* You are active in the Drupal community.
* You play well with others.

If interested, send us a resume or links to work you've done, along with your drupal username to jobs @ advomatic.com, along with a letter of interest that is no longer than 3 sentences long. Your work should speak for itself. Applicants from countries other than the US are welcome to apply. If you have applied to work with us before please feel free to resubmit. If you do not have moderately expert knowledge of CSS, please DO NOT APPLY.


The Advomatic Team

About Advomatic
Advomatic Design is a New York City based web consulting firm. We were founded by two former members of Howard Dean For America’s web team.

Advomatic Design is here to help your campaign, organization, or business leap into the brave new world of internet strategy and grassroots campaigning. We offer multiple services, including blast email, managed hosting, custom theme integration, module development and specialize in moving companies off other platforms such as Scoop and Moveable Type.

Advomatic has numerous Drupal based clients including MTV, Jewcy, Air America Radio, TechPresident, TPMCafe, Fresno Famous, and TechPresident.

Denver / Boulder Colorado (DBUG)

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