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so, i bought three tickets to kanye/kendrick as a gift for three kids who can not go on the 17th (it's at td garden)...and now i'm sitting on 3 awesome seats: Loge 2, Row 4 - all side-by-side seats, right in front of the floating center stage/island thing!

these are the physical tickets (via stubhub), and while i was gonna sell them, i thought maybe there was a local drupal guru who may be able to help me out with some bootstrap stuff and a couple of small pesky items on my development site in return for, wait for it, ALL three tickets!

yes, these are worth way over 600 bucks, and yes, what i'm asking you to do - if you're experienced - will likely take you like one to three hours tops...BUT it would take me crazy time to do the same thing, and so your brain for a couple of hours is worth way, way more to me

if you're interested, drop me a note via drupal site contact and i can email over the details (or ping me .

the summary of what i'm trying to do:

1) create a bootstrap sub theme to install locally that includes all required libraries (a non-cdn version) and pulls the less files (and others) from A) a bootswatch that i'm already using (flatly) and B) adds some of the classes and definitions (etc) from another theme on wrap bootstrap - or maybe replaces the whole thing? (also need some quick expert opinion on the way i've been implementing the classes in display suite and block class style up to now as well)

2)other item is some kind of craziness displaying one particularly odd cck field in a node/add form in bootstrap (would like to solve without using !important tags if possible)

3)also ideally create a basic-resuable style for tables in views (likely from that theme via wrap bootstrap up above), also a style for 'search results' in a search api index (doing that with fluid grid masonry right now, just trying to wrap results)

...i'm sure that there's some other footnote task, but honestly, that stuff above is the big stuff.


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