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I need someone who can help extend or setup the e-commerce package in such a way that each individual user can have different prices given to them for different categories based on their roles.

For example, a user might heavily buy from one category but not from another, so they would be given a discount for that category but not the others.

            Brand A   Brand B   Brand C
Role A   |   $X    |   $X    |   $X    |    
Role B   |   $Y    |   $Y    |   $Y    |    
Role C   |   $Z    |   $Z    |   $Z    |    

User 1 might get a "Role A" price for "Brand A" but "Role C" price for "Brand B."
User 2 might get a "Role C" price for "Brand A" but "Role B" price for "Brand B."

However, there might be something upwards of 100 different brands or categories and each user would have to have a different permission level for each category (and get different pricing based on their permission levels).

I think what I am ultimately looking for assiging users different prices based on their roles, but their role is different for each category. I want to say there should be a way to do this with Organic Groups or some way to assign a different role per taxonomy, but I am unsure how to do this. I would rather not create 500 different roles, but make it so that each category would have about 5 or so roles to choose from with a default role assigned.

Would someone be able to give me a suggestion on how to do this or give me a quote for how much they could do it for?

-Mark Zabala