Assignments and Contact Info for the redesign minimum viable product

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Twenty two sections of the redesign has been identified as the minimum viable product to launch the new The sponsoring companies and contributors to the redesign implementation are below.
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Want to be on this list? Please sign up on Getting the re-design implemented: Drupal companies please sponsor a section, and tell us how you can help. If you are on this list, and you need admin access to a staging server, sign up here.


If your server assignment below is incorrect, please update it! You rock, thank you!

Redesign section
(linked to prototype)
Section Status Sponsor company and Assessment Plan Sponsor contact 1st Implementer 2nd Implementer
News Incomplete Zivtech
Plan: zivtech_drupal_redesign.pdf
Jody Hamilton
(Jody Lynn)
Owen Osborn
Steve Heise
Association Complete
Association site
Linnovate Zohar Stolar
Raz Konforti
Zohar Stolar
Get started Incomplete Bluespark Labs Michael Tucker
James Wilson
Shahbaaz Hussain
Community IRC Incomplete QED42
Plan: Redesign Community IRC
Dipen Chaudhary
(dipen chaudhary)
Madhusudhan M.S
Get Involved Incomplete GVS
Plan: Get_Involved_gvs.pdf
Greg Knaddison
Carl Wiedemann
Jen Lampton
Documentation API Testing Level OS Lev Tsypin
Neil Drumm
About Incomplete Plan: About Page Specification
Mike Carter
Mark Davies
Community and Support Incomplete Promet Host
Plan: DrupalRedesignProposal-1.pdf
Andrew Kucharski
Rachel Jaro
Download and Extend Incomplete NorthPoint Solutions
Download and Extend - NorthPoint Solutions proposal.pdf
Matt Dorman
Brian Short
Arwin Holmes
Home Incomplete RovoMedia
Plan: homepage_assessment.pdf
Rob Dean Jon Skulski
Dashboard incomplete Trellon Michael Haggerty
Chris Miller
Widgets for Dashboard In Progress Trellon
Plan: mov file, where can we share this?
Michael Haggerty
(separate page)
Documentation In progress Freestyle Systems Richard Burford (psynaptic)
Documentation Index In progress> and Brightlemon
Plan: documentationindexredesign.pdf
Ronald Ashri (istos) Ronald Ashri (istos) Leon Tong (need user link)
Nicole Chamberlain (nicole.brightlemon)
Download & Extend Core Not started Srijan
Plan: Proposal for redesign of core page
Sidharth (sidharth_k) Sidharth (sidharth_k)
Rajput Rashmi (rajput.rashmi)
Shashank Merothiya (shash)
Kuldev Singh (kuldev)
Download & Extend: Modules Not started
Chris Strahl (chrisstrahl) Chris Bloom (illepic)
Download & Extend: Example Module Incomplete
Download and Extend: Themes Not started Available for sponsorship
Download and Extend: Installation Profiles In Progress Five Mile
Plan: Installation Profiles
Keith Jay
Keith Jay
Download and Extend: Theme Engines Not started Available for sponsorship
Plan: themeengines.pdf
Download and Extend: Translations Not started Available for sponsorship
Search Results Incomplete Mediacurrent Paul Chason
Josh Estep
Refine your search - Themes Not started Achieve Internet

Plan: Drupal Search - Achieve Internet - Refine by Theme.pdf

Ron Huber Bill O'Connor
Refine your search - Documentation Not started Available for sponsorship

Theming support

Sponsor Company Sponsor Contact Themer
(supporting search teams)
Glenn Hilton and

Vanessa Turke
Chris Hartman
Ben Koether
Johan van Grieken
Shyamala Rajaram
Tyler Struyk

QA Reviewers

Sponsor Company Contact Role Joe Moraca
QA Lead - Groups Site
Netlink India Shyamala Rajaram

SEO Reviewers

Redesign section
(linked to prototype)
Section Status Sponsor company and Assessment Plan Sponsor contact 1st Implementer 2nd Implementer
- Not started Volacci Erik Wagner
- Not started Volacci Josh Ward
- Not started GoalGorilla Internet Strategy
Plan: SEO Project Plan
Taco Potze
- Not started Rapid Waters Development David Burns

Content migration

Lead Volunteer Volunteer Volunteer Volunteer Volunteer Volunteer
Lisa Rex Steven Wright
Jake Goldsborough
Chris Pomeroy

Administration Support

Task Status 1st Implementer 2nd Implementer
Plan Content Migration
from Staging to Live
Complete Ezra Wolfe (ezraw) Neil Drumm
Document Local Install
Steps/Prepare files
Complete Jonathan Wagener (theamoeba) Ezra Wolfe (ezraw)
Database Updates
on Staging 1-10
Done as needed Devin Zuczek (djdevin) Michael Worsham (swampcritter)
Exporting scrubbed database Done, but will
require updates
Nick Lewis (nicklewisatx on IRC)
Exporting Solr index Done Peter Wolanin (pwolanin)

*The admins can be reached in IRC in #drupal-infrastructure: rfay, Nick Lewis (nicklewisatx on IRC), swampcritter, ezraw, lakbaytaodev, andypost, djdevin.Doctorate Degree

To be implemented after initial redesign implementation