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Part time

Help wanted to moderate, administer and publicize a Drupal installation running a community based website http://vtfamilies.org built to discuss the tragedy at Virginia Tech, offer support, condolences, thoughts, opinions, questions and answers.

The website is at http://vtfamilies.org

If you are interested in helping us out please send correspondence to webmaster@vtfamilies.org

About vtfamilies.org

VTfamilies.org was created by Dan Walk and is generously hosted by his web company, iDotMind. Dan's family was touched by this tragedy as they waited anxiously like many other families for news of their loved one. Dan hopes that this website will offer families and friends a place to communicate their experiences and share their grief to aid in their healing process, promote discussion, and give a community run out to the internet community since Virginia Tech closed their web forum permanently to new posts due to a lack of resources.