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Hello, everyone —

I am seeking clients for a class at the University of Michigan School of Information. Students in this class break into teams to build Drupal websites.

We have about 30 students in the class this winter, so we need 10 sites to create.

That’s where you come in.

Know anyone that needs a site (re)designed that would be a good candidate for our students?

These are advanced practitioners, typically in the latter half of their Master’s degree in information. They’ve received previous training on everything from information architecture to current theories on what makes websites most usable.

In short, if you need a Drupal site that is not "static," you can get one for free.

What you get:

Students are expected to deliver a working site and design documents, as well as complete documentation/user manual explaining how to carry out the tasks required for using, maintaining, and administering the site. The documentation package is normally around 100-130 pages. We also provide directions on how to deploy the site.

Some of the sites do require some theming (and design work) after the term is over. Not all the students know how to do this, but they will provide some resources on the best ways to get it done.

What we're looking for in a client:

We’re looking for people who need relatively complex sites that have content to manage and communities to interact with.

The students need something more complex than a brochure site. Your users need to interact with the site somehow. We can provide examples if you’re not sure what we mean by that.

Our clients are frequently nonprofits, but are not required to be.

You must be willing to help students by explaining your group's work and giving continuous feedback. You’ll need a single point of contact who is willing to spend at least one hour per week with the student team by phone/Skype/etc. or in person.

And you must have an interest in deploying the site at the end of the term.

Past clients:

U-M Medical School, VA Hospital HSR&D, Rwanda: Stories for Hope Project, Polar Bear Archives, William Davidson Institute, Temple Beth Emeth, the U-M Biological Station, and the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan.

Other information:

The course’s faculty members will present a list of projects to students during the first class and allow them to express preferences. Faculty will then assign student teams to projects, taking into account their preferences while ensuring that the students' skills complement each other so that each team has a good balance.



Michael Hess
University of Michigan School of Information

Want a site?

Potential clients should complete a brief interest form via . Projects will be chosen by the second week in January. The projects will be completed by April 2014.



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Hi Michael, when is the deadline for submitting proposals?

January 1st.

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January 1st.

Too late?

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Is it too late to submit a proposal? Working on Drupal site for a non-profit bike trail alliance and could really use some help.

How did this event go? We're

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How did this event go? We're offering a similar event at GLADCamp, the Greater Los Angeles Drupal Camp, on March 9th:

I'd love to hear what you learned about running this UMich event. You can contact me any time at or at the links found below in my signature.  

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