Drupal Ladder + Google Code-In = Perfect Match

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Hello from the Google Code-In Drupal 2013 team ( https://groups.drupal.org/google-code-in and http://www.google-melange.com/gci/homepage/google/gci2013 ).

We recently added every step/lesson in majority of the Drupal Ladders as tasks into Drupal GCI 2013. Students started taking on the tasks and are already willing to help grow the project. Luckily I mass imported all of the steps as a csv and now we can recycle tasks/lessons every code-in contest. You can see we have plenty of tasks open related and not related to DL @ http://www.google-melange.com/gci/org/google/gci2013/drupal

First...is anyone from Drupal Ladder interested in mentoring? It is fairly easy and ends in a few weeks. Example, mentoring one task of one step in the ladder can be minimal on time. If you're interested in helping, comment here or pm me. We noticed a good amount of missing steps/lessons and students are already willing to write them. Maybe we can create our own "Drupal GCI Drupal Ladder" to help acclimate future students to the program? We're open to creating any other type of ladder too..do you have any other ideas?

Second...how do students contribute to the project? We have students currently on winter break looking to help (and win a contest to GoogleHQ). We noticed no contact page on drupalladder.org and no one is really in IRC. Who/when can we discuss this more? Comments here work too...

Third...we think it is important to start a discussion and share resources between Drupal Ladder and GCI/GSoC programs. It appears we have similar wants/needs/goals. We need to utilize all of the Drupal Ladder lessons every year in the contest and you need help growing/testing the lessons. It will probably help to create a "Google Summer of Code Drupal Ladder" too. I think both the Ladder and GCI/GSoC programs are awesome ways to help new users and ensure contributions from anyone interested at any age/skill.