Call for talks for Fosdem 2010 devroom

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Use this post to propose talks for the Drupal devroom at FOSDEM 2010 on Sunday 7 February, 2010 (9:00 - 17:00).

The final date for proposing talks is Saturday January 23 16, 2010

The selected talks will be announced around Sunday January 24 17, 2010

Please add your talk proposal as a comment to this post.

Also add the approximate duration of your presentation (30, 45 minutes or 15 minutes if you are planning a blitztalk)

After the deadline has passed, the devroom organizers will define the final schedule.


Latest news from Apache Solr

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I'd love to give an update about development on the Apache Solr module, and the state-of-the-art Drupal search techniques.

We would love to welcome you

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We would love to welcome you as our speaker.

Will you be there all day or

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Will you be there all day or do we have to schedule your talk at a specific time?

Please not first thing in the morning

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I'll try to be there all day, but maybe it's best not to be first thing in the morning.

we will make sure your

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we will make sure your presentation is somewhere in the late morning or afternoon

The State of Drupal Page Loading Performance

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I'd love to do a talk on page loading performance, continuing where I left off last year. Last year I was going to do my bachelor thesis about it, now I have. By then, I will also have upgraded my CDN integration module and probably have it ported to Drupal 7.

So I can do a combination of my talk at DrupalCon Paris (which was also "post bachelor thesis"), what the current state is, and what the next steps are to make Drupal lead in page loading performance.

I know that Joerie has also worked with the File Conveyor daemon I wrote (, maybe he can show off his setup … we'll see :)

(Plus, I'm going to do a master thesis continuing on the same subject — with less/no Drupal involved, but nonetheless extremely useful.)


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Great! We were going to

Jax's picture

Great! We were going to contact you for just that. Thanks.

Hah, cool! :)

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Hah, cool! :)


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Thanks Joeri :) I'll get in

Wim Leers's picture

Thanks Joeri :) I'll get in touch with you at the end of January.

Theming for iPhone/mobile devices

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I'd love to do a practical talk on making a mobile friendly version of your drupal site. Non technical, mainly config and a bit of css.
ps Are there any creche facilities?


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that is great, simon. we'll

batigolix's picture

that is great, simon. we'll put you on the list

for practicalities please check
(but i doubt there will be day care)

No problem about the day

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No problem about the day care, I'll figure sth out. Thx Boris


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you might want to crosspost this to the german, belgium and netherlands groups on g.d.o


bert boerland

thanks. just did that

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thanks. just did that

Aegir - Drush ?

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Anyone interested in hearing an overview (roughly same story as last year) on Aegir ?

Anyone interested in hearing howto setup a dev environment on ubuntu including svn, drush, eclipse, debugging, database sharing etc.. ?

Anyone interested in a intro crash course on cck + views etc. To show off the power of drupal?

Belgian Drupal User Group lover -


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I would love to hear about aegir and how to set it up, also with svn, drush, eclipse, debugging, database sharing etc...
I tried it once, but failed due to a lack of linux knowledge and a lack of time to investigate the problem.
So +1 for Aegir.



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Setting up the perfect dev environment with eclipse debugging, linked to Aegir, sounds really interesting.

+1 for dev environment

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The examples you give for your howto of a dev environment sounds promising to me.

Drupal Upgrades & Deployment

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I already gave a presentation at DrupalCamp Vienna about doing major version upgrades and associated deployment strategies, and I'd be happy to put some more work on that presentation for Fosdem 2010.

And we be happy to welcome

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And we be happy to welcome you as devroom presenter

Nutch, Solr and Views 3

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Sorry Can't do this date forget I said anything


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domage! next year?

Definitely Next Year

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Yep sign me up ; )

AHAH in Drupal

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I'm a bit too late, but if there is some space left (or if you need a reserve just in case), I would like to give small crash course on AHAH in Drupal.

Implementing AHAH requires some Form API voodoo to get it done right. Took me quite a while to get a grasp behind the concepts of AHAH. If you're a novice to AHAH, it's really easy to implement it wrong and hurt the FAPI. Worst case scenario: ending up with unexpected results.

Wim Leers has done some sterling work on AHAH with his AHAH helper module ( to simplify the implementation and shown how you could take the concept even further with his Hierarchical Select module (, I think it would be of great value to summize AHAH and wrap it all up in a talk.

So, if there's still room... (@wimleers: we should team up on this one ;-))

Heh, thanks Matthias. I must

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Heh, thanks Matthias. I must say that this comes quite unexpected :)

You are aware of the fact that AHAH Helper has not been properly maintained for many months — mostly due to lack of time, but admittedly also due to lack of interest?
I'm now at the point where I actually hate FAPI. It rocks for simple and somewhat advanced forms. It downright sucks for AHAH forms, advanced forms and extensive testing (IIRC, the subscription form (AHAH, multi-step, many conditional form items and fully degradable) is about 1000 lines of code contains about 2000 lines of tests to ensure it works flawlessly). It really needs to be rewritten for D8. I won't write the next version of Hierarchical Select without a better FAPI.

That being said, I would happily team up with you on this :) That way, we can at least get people to build simple AHAH forms — which are indeed doable and don't require mind-bogglingly weird code. After that, they'll continue with advanced AHAH forms, become frustrated and therefore be more willing to contribute time/money/effort towards making FAPI better in the future :)

hi matthias, your talk is

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hi matthias, your talk is still very welcome

what would be the preferred order: first wim's presentation then yours or the other way around?


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Thanks for the enthusiasm!

@batigolix: I suppose either way would be okay :-)

@wimleers: I used AHAH to implement a custom module according to very specific requirements given by the client. I learned about AHAH but, as you pointed out, I hit the limits of what the FAPI can do. I agree with your point of view: the FAPI is great for common form work, but not for advanced stuff with communication input fields, which need all kinds of weird validation and such to cover all possible use cases.

I've done some work to improve the documentation of AHAH by building two simple example modules and posting them in the documentation issue queue.

I got some feedback by mostly puzzled people. I also contacted katbailey who maintains the AHAH handbook page and did most of the documentation, but we didn't got as far as putting this up on that page. I suppose the in line comments of both modules could use some serious revision, though :-)

I'll think about my proposal and - with 3 weeks to go - get back to you asap!

I just sent the sessions

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I just sent the sessions schedule to the Fosdem organisation, so they can print it in their booklets. I'll post it later today on

Switch to afternoon?

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is it still possible to switch my presentation to the afternoon? I've stuff to handle and it will be difficult to appear before 12:30

Belgian Drupal User Group lover -

hi roel, i ll switched your

batigolix's picture

hi roel, i ll switched your presentation to the afternoon at 14-ish.

the schedule for this year's

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the schedule for this year's drupal devroom at fosdem can be found here:


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I did not subcribe to this event, I even unsubscribed to mails about all events, but I keep receiving mails every day about all kinds of Drupal activities. Interesting bug...

life's a bitch, henk

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life's a bitch, henk


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