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Let's search! Sure core search is used on lots of sites, but it is no longer the only option, nor the best. This group is now open for all search discussions. Apache Solr, Search API, and more.

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Turbocharge your Search API Solr Search setup - free webinar 12/6

In this webinar Thomas Seidl (aka Drunkenmonkey) will show how you can turbocharge your Search API Solr Search setup with Visitors Voice Free - a new SaaS that lets you add, remove and reorder the hits exactly the way you want them. Thomas will also answer to questions you might have regarding Search API in general.

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Announcing next Search API D8 Sprint - 13-15th of June in Belgium

2014-06-13 09:00 - 2014-06-15 18:00 Europe/Brussels
Event type: 

Wow, what a couple of intense weeks for the Drupal 8 initiative for porting Search API. There were many improvements made lately and we hope to properly explain them all to you but for now I want to shout out a couple things. First and foremost I want to thank everyone in the community!

It's time for another sprint on Search API and this time it will be held at the Intracto offices during the 13th till the 15th of June. Intracto has been so kind to not only sponsor the project with money but also offer their location as a sprint location for 3 full days.

Intracto Group nv

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Help us fund the port of Search API Drupal 8

Feedback wanted here :

Pledges would also be really appreciated!


Search API in Drupal 8 had a massive interest during Drupal Dev Days in Szeged, Hungary. Now this week ended (or almost ended at the time of this writing) we are looking to organise at least 2 more sprints to get Search API in a stable state for Drupal 8.

With the news that the Apache Solr module & Search API Solr module will merge, this sprint is beneficial for everyone that is using search on their website.

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Core Search in Drupal 8

The Search group on has been pretty quiet lately... But actually, a lot has been happening in the Core Search module for Drupal 8, and I realized maybe I should make a post here. Please read on, we can use some help! (And, things are much better than they have been for Search in past versions of Drupal Core!).

So... I just wanted to draw your attention to a few developments:


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(Solr) Search in Drupal 8 - Part 2

Drupalcon : Further Discussion on architecture (27 Sept 2013)

This discussion is purely on what we could do with Search API to solve these issues. The previous discussion (See : ) was more about what both projects could share.

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(Solr) Search in Drupal 8

On Tuesday, 24th of September we had a birds-of-a-feather session about Solr in Drupal 8 and there was an attendance of around 8-10 people. Also all the module maintainers were present in this meeting so it was perfect to have a productive meeting, which it also was.

We discussed the following topics

Changes in Drupal 8 core to the search module in core.
Possibilities to have a generic connector for Solr.
Query Class
Document Class
Indexing logic
Schema files
Views query plugin
Indexing logic and why queue is not a good option for indexing items to your search

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Drupal Module Developer on UNICEF & Worldbank projects | Kampala, Uganda | Mountbatten Ltd.

Employment type: 
Full time

Mountbatten Ltd. is a Drupal shop in Uganda where we work on small local and a few big international sites with a fast growing team of 10+ people. Our clients are, amongst others, UNICEF, Worldbank, Fortune top 100 and local companies.

In this team we have an opportunity for an experienced Drupal developer. Your role is to coordinate the work on the range of modules we maintain on with a team of developers and to cooperatively design and write on the most urgent code.

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Search API, Views and Services API

I am trying to use search API with the REST API provided with services. I have a view(as described below), a search index which indexes nodes, and a service endpoint. When i use the browser to directly access the view, the results are correct, but when I send a get request to the rest endpoint, I get something like

"price": null,
"description": null,
"title": "",
"image_url": "",
"company": "",
"hot_deal": null,
"nid": "0",
"name": "",
"uid": "0",
"html": null

The view:

$view = new view();
$view->name = 'search_products';

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Drupal Website Developer | Twin Cities Public Television

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

Come and join a fun and progressive organization that is proud to be a 2011 Star Tribune Top Workplaces Employer! We do great things in the community and we are looking for the next ROCK STAR to be a part of a growing and incredibly smart and creative team!

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Support for a entities with a long name

Currently name of entities that could be indexed is restricted by a 16 chars. This could occur cause of performance restrictions, however this does influence on a module developers which want to integrate their entities with a Drupal Core Search.

Here is a patch that solves a problem, please review:

I am not sure how this depend on a Drupal performance. Let's discuss it here.

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How to make this kind of searches?

I want to replicate the search functions of this site .

1)First,on the front page I want to have a drop down list to select from,as on the site the
"Find a doctor or dentist specialist" drop down select list
2)At the bottom of the page I want to filter by taxonomy terms for example By City etc.
3)By name as here .Eg with a search box.

How can I replicate these 3 kind of searches?
Thanks in advance,I would be grateful for every answer

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Make Search API work with Entity Translation(s)

The Entity Translation module is the latest and greatest way to manage multilingual content in Drupal. However, no Drupal search solution currently supports the field based translation it is built on. We'd like to share how we solved this challenge, made field based translations searchable and came up with the brand new Search API Entity Translation module.

Search API Entity Translation is a minimalist approach of making multilingual content managed via entity translations searchable via Search API.

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How can we leverage WSCCI in the core Search framework?

In the D8 Search core conversation at Drupalcon London, we discussed the following high level actions items (listed in no particular order) that are quick wins and would hopefully improve the underlying Search framework in D8 and alleviate some of the maintenance overhead.

  • Allow for multiple search pages per module
  • Remove menu tab assumption
  • Make the preprocess code language / type aware
  • Make the highlighting code pluggable
  • Make default operator to "OR", start to explore making the parser pluggable.
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Bye Bye, Search Lucene API!

Search has been a passion of mine for some time now. In many ways the Search Lucene API module was my introduction to Drupal and helped me understand and love the platform. Therefore I am somewhat sad to announce that Search Lucene API has reached "end of life".

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Employment type: 
Not allowed

We are looking for a LAMP Developer in SF Bay Area. This is not a telecommute position.

• You have 5 years experience with PHP, jQuery, Linux, and MySQL.
• 3 - 5 years' experience with LAMP stack Application development (not web site development)
• You understand technology at a deep level and have a knack for solving problems
• You like being part of a team
• You do your own bachelor’s degree
• Good communication skills and interpersonal skills.
• Experience with Drupal will be a plus

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A search manifesto

It is an exciting time for Drupal search. Thanks to jhodgdon, the search community is finally communicating with each other. Looking at projects such as Search API Facet API Integration, we are actually starting to collaborate as well. With collaboration comes healthy and welcomed differences of opinions, but in order to keep discussions productive we must be working towards common goals.

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5 sites on the same machine using one java machine?

I have 5 independent sites on one machine. I also have another machine running just Java. How can I get all 5 sites to use the same 1 java machine for Solr? Would I install Solr 5 times for each of the sites? Would each Solr instance be installed in each of the sites /home directory; instead of say /usr/local/share. When the apachesolr.modules are installed on each site, how would I have it recognize just it's own instance and not the other 4? Or is there a better way to do this?

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Plain text for fields

While I was trying to beat one the oldest opened issue on xapian module IIRC: Index uploaded files, I end up figuring out that it could be useful to have a way generate a plain text representation of any field.

So, I have started a sandbox that have enough code to get a plain text version of file fields: Plain.

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Introducing Facet API

The Problem

The search community is fragmented. The problem stems from a core search module that doesn't facilitate third party backends, so each project is forced to solve similar problems in slightly different ways. Each contributed module has its own isolated sub-community, which is detrimental to Drupal as a whole.

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Search and Taxonomy

I am using Drupal 6 and am trying to figure out this mind-twisting functionality.

User can search for a taxonomy term. Selecting one of the available results will bring up a new node to create content with the taxonomy term already pre-selected as one of the fields.

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