GSoC Student Application Template for Drupal

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Goal of wiki is to help students write applications to Google's Summer of Code. The best tip for students who are applying is to get involved in the Drupal community and if possible, start moving forward with your project. Please see the notes on "Drupal Ladder" below. Here are some additional tips: Sample applications from previous years can be found @

Mentors are available to help on IRC in #drupal-google. Please be patient and ask the chat room if a mentor is available to review proposal. If a mentor is available, request that you can PM them a GDoc link to your proposal.

First/Last Name:
Graduation Date:
Timezone: Profile:https:
CV/Resume URL:
Preferred time of day for virtual/video interview:
Open Source Experience:

Have you participated in Google Summer of Code in the past? If so, for Drupal? If not, for which organization? Please describe your participation in Google Summer of Code.

Are you applying to any other organizations this year? If so, please explain.

How many hours will you devote to your GSoC project each week? What are your other summer plans?

Have you registered an account at and joined Link to your account please!

Have you ever worked with Git?

Question based on knowledge of git
You just committed some code (and not pushed yet), but you realized there is a typo in commit message. How would you change it (please explain each step of the solution)?

Have you ever utilized IRC?

It's required that you complete "Drupal Ladder for GSoC Students" before applying. Please provide evidence.

Have you ever contributed code to Drupal?

Do you plan to continue contributing to the Drupal project after GSoC is finished?

Have you ever built a Drupal site or helped on a Drupal project?

If you have not previously contributed to any open source projects, can you provide example code from school?

Question based on given 'almighty_function'
You have this PHP function:

function almighty_function($x, $y, $z) {
  if ($y != $z && $x == $y && $x == $z) {
    return "Success!";
  return "FAIL!";

Please provide set of values for $x, $y and $z for function to return "Success!". Explain your solution.

Which project idea sparks your interest and why?

Treating this project as a real proposal, provide your implementation plan with as much detail as possible such as weekly time breakdowns, methods of mentor communication, project management, and when to expect specific results/deliverables.

Detailed Description (only if this is a new idea, otherwise if there is a description online, please provide the URL):

Expected Deliverables: (list the main items that you will deliver be during the program):
Item 1 - 7 July
Item 2 - 28 July

Timeline (break down by every week of GSoC):
25 May:
01 June:
08 June:
15 June:
22 June:
30 June: Phase 1 Evaluation deadline
06 July:
13 July:
20 July:
28 July: Phase 2 Evaluation deadline
03 Aug:
10 Aug:
17 Aug: Wrap up
21 Aug: Final submission



Which aspect of the project idea do you see as the most difficult?

Which aspect of the project idea do you see as the easiest?

Which portion of the project idea will you start with?

How will you deal with project, task, and time management? Will you utilize any software? If so, which tool and why?

Biography/About Me
Write about yourself including why you are appropriate for this project

Terms and Conditions
There will be a meeting each week to check-in with org admin:
- GSoC Student Check-In Meeting: Tuesdays in Chicago between hours of 10:00am(UTC-5) (Tuesdays in India @ 20:30) and 01:00PM (Tuesdays in India @ 23:30)
Students must attend check-in meetings every week. If you are unable to attend the meeting due to any unforeseen circumstances, you must get in touch with one of the org admins within the next 24 hours of the meeting and schedule a personal check-in meeting for that week. If you fail to attend check-in meeting twice, you'll be failed automatically. You are allowed to miss one meeting before mid-term and one after but you should notify the org admins beforehand. Also, you should provide appropriate reasons for the same in case you miss a meeting. Note that these check-in meetings are different from the weekly meeting with your mentor(s) and you need to schedule those separately after discussing it with you mentor(s).

During weekly check-in meeting, student is required to provide link to blog with weekly progress update and answer 3 SCRUM questions. #1 what have you accomplished since last SCRUM? #2 what will you accomplish by next SCRUM? #3 what is holding you back from moving forward?

Do you agree? (Yes/No) [If, yes, please copy/paste the following phrase into your reponse "I agree to attend the weekly check-in meeting and understand that missing two meetings will result in a failure". As a backup, you can always contact us within 24 hours if you can't attend a specific meeting to schedule another one on one check-in meeting with an org admin.]


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We've added a "Terms and Conditions" section at the end of the template. There are not a lot of conditions over there except that you must attend the weekly check-in meetings. The meetings will happen on Tuesdays at two different times and you are required to attend one of those each week and provide your update to the org admins.

To whom should i send the

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To whom should i send the enrollment form , please ?