Designer looking for 'go to' Drupal developer in Portland, OR area - could turn into a gig

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I am a web and graphic designer who is currently doing mostly WordPress sites. I do some code, but am not a developer. I have also never seen the admin side of a Drupal site.

This post has both a short and a long term objective—

At this time I have a client with a Drupal site who I am doing a site review for. Part of my review process is to make recommendations for changes, and I can see a number of areas where my suggestions could add up to a lot of development work. I would prefer to do my client the service of being aware of when a change will be a costly one and to be able to rank these in importance relative to the performance of the site or suggest less costly alternatives. They have not maintained a relationship with the original developer and there is a good chance that any improvements she chooses to move forward with will be passed along to whoever I work with on this analysis. Fyi, I don't know what version of Drupal the site is running, and have not requested admin access for this phase.

In the long term it would be great to have an ongoing relationship with a developer who needs some help on the graphic design or useability end. In turn, I would like to be in a position to help clients with Drupal sites, even if it comes in the form of a referral to "this great developer." I like to work with clients, even the extra 'hand holding,' so that might be another area I could help with if that's not your favorite thing to do.

What I am hoping for initially is to be able to meet with someone local who I can have a dialog with, both to educate me about Drupal and to see if it sounds like we could be a good match for being able to help one another.


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Hi! My name is Jim. I am a senior software developer with 25 years experience and 5 years Drupal experience. I have done about 10 medium-sized Drupal sites and about 20 smallish (less than 10 pages) sites. I am also working repairing/diagnosing hardware and networking issues and I am killer at MySQL. I have two very small projects going now so I could use a small additional amount of work. Also, I cannot draw well so I can always use some graphics design help. Please contact me at if you would like more info.

Also, I was looking for the same sort of a deal with someone that knows Spanish. I would gladly trade my expertise or some free Drupal training/work for someone that can translate the text on an existing Drupal web site to Spanish. Please hit me up if you or someone you know might be interested in that.