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Part time
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Not allowed

We are seeking temporary support to cover for the work usually done by the Associate Officer for Information Management of the Common
CMS + AEWA Information Management, Communication and Awareness - raising Team (Common Information Unit) who is currently on maternity leave. The aim of this task is to provide support to the team during this period and cover for the main tasks of the Associate Information Officer. The main purpose is to ensure the smooth running of the different tools and platforms that are used by the CMS Family, in particular during the run - up and immediate follow - up to CMS Conference of Parties (COP11) in November 2014.

Under the direct supervision of the Coordinator of the Common Information Unit of the UNEP/CMS and UNEP/AEWA Secretariats
and the Executive Secretary of CMS, the incumbent will:
Ensure the continuous smooth running of and ongoing maintenance support related to the following platforms and tools:
1. CMS Family Websites and Common Portal (Drupal);
2. Common Contacts Database and Mailing Tool;
3. Meeting Registration Tool;
4. NFP E-Ccommunity;
5. CMS Family Online workspaces;
6. CMS & AEWA Social Media Channels (FB, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr);

Concrete Tasks Include:
- Providing guidance and technical support to the users inside and outside the CMS Family Secretariats and to ensure that relevant staff
members are able to work and use the above - mentioned platforms as required;
- Identifying bugs and improvement needs and communicating those to the programmers of the different information tools and products;
- Provide regular in - house training for staff to build and strengthen internal capacity to maintain the various tools;
- Work with the various external programmers on the further
integration of CMS Family data with external data repositories such as InforMEA, Species+, IUCN Red List and others;
- Support the content management of the various websites;
- Provide regular feedback and technical advice to the Coordinator of the Common Information Unit to support the effective management of the above - mentioned tools;
- Provide input and support to the process of developing a
Communication Strategy particularly in the area of Information Management and use of Information, Communication Technologies and Social Media;
- Support with any other tasks of the Common Information Unit
as may be required.

For more information, please read the full Terms of Reference. Deadline for applications is 15 August 2014.

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