DSK MOU Call Notes 20140729

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DSK = Community Media Difficult Starter Kit (https://www.drupal.org/project/cm_starterkit_difficult)

MOU = Memorandum of Understanding (involving channelAustin, Portland Community Media, Manhattan Neighborhood Network)

On the call = Stefan Wray (cA), Aric Ruble (PCM), Craig Sinclair (MNN), Kevin Reynen (A Little Help Hosting), Mark Libkuman (Open Flows)


  1. DSK 6--its release and each stations testing/rollout plan
  2. DSK 7--what issues are there, what are paths to resolution, what else should be added.
  3. release-blockers checkin
  4. Station Checkin on Development


  • channelAustin has updated its dev site with DSK 6. No identified issues. Others will follow.
  • Reviewed items tagged with cmd-beta7. Realized possible confusion with tagging new versions with specific numbers. Settled on tagging issues for inclusion in the next release simply as cmd-next-release
    See https://www.drupal.org/node/2259069 for explanation
  • Decided to hold off specific discussion of the issues for the next release
  • Discussed the "release blockers" https://www.drupal.org/project/issues/search?text=&projects=&assigned=&s...
  • Reviewed status and priorities of release-blockers
  • No active development at channelAustin. PCM and MNN have development work. Conversation regarding when code when and how new code will be committed.

Next call scheduled for August 5 with the goal of continuing to address the release blockers in advance of a Drupal camp following the ACM conference in Philly.