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I am new to Drupal. I have a username and password of the one remaining admin, although she only updates pages on occasion. The people who created and maintained the site are long gone.
How do I create my own admin account?
I am tasked with adding a facebook and twitter link in the header. I have yet to find access to that.
Please help.


Assuming it's a drupal 7

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Assuming it's a drupal 7 site, you can add new user accounts at /admin/people/create

Depending on how the site was built, you will likely be able to add the facebook and twitter links as a block. /admin/structure/block

Hi Wendy, Once logged in as

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Hi Wendy,

Once logged in as the admin account you currently have, you should (hopefully) have a new menu bar show up across the top, with an item labeled "People".

Click "People", and you should see "Add user" on the next page somewhere.

If all else fails, try visiting this path when logged in as your admin user:

In other words, you must already be logged in as an admin, to create another administrative user.

Try IRC as well

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There's a lot of great help on the IRC #drupal-support channel as well.

Otherwise, I second both items noted in the comments already.

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