Ideas to promote GSoC/GCI within the community

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Google Code-In:

"Google Code-in is an annual programming competition hosted by Google Inc. that allows pre-university students to complete tasks specified by various, partnering open source organizations. The contest was originally the Google Highly Open Participation Contest, but in 2010, the format was modified into its current state. Students that complete tasks win certificates and T-shirts. Each organization also selects two grand prize award winners who will earn a trip to Google's Headquarters located in Mountain View, California.
Students must be age at least 13 and not older than 17 to participate. In addition, students must upload parental consent forms as well as some sort of document showing attendance at a pre-university institution."

Google Summer of Code (GSoC)

"The Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is an annual program, first held from May to August 2005,in which Google awards stipends to all students who successfully complete a requested free and open-source software coding project during the summer. The program is open to students aged 18 or over – the closely relatedGoogle Code-In is intended for students under the age of 18.The program invites students who meet their eligibility criteria to post applications that detail the software-coding project they wish to perform. These applications are then evaluated by the corresponding mentoring organization. Every participating organization must provide mentors for each of the project ideas received, if the organization is of the opinion that the project would benefit from them. The mentors then rank the applications and decide among themselves which proposals to accept. Google then decides how many projects each organization gets, and asks the organizations to mark at most that many projects accordingly."

I suggest the following ideas to promote GCI/GSoC within Drupal Community:

1) Involvement of teachers:

It is really very important to reach out to different teachers of the school which are a great support to the the students of the GSoC/GCI. Even the teachers could be encouraged for the same purpose and to award extra credit for participation in the GCI as an incentive for the students to participate.

2) Common blog of the organisation:

It is much easier for a person to check one blog rather than so many different ones from melange dashboard. So, people will be more aware of what is going on the blog posts if we have a common blog of the organisation where the participants can put their blogs.

3) List the contribution:

One can list the contributions of past students and the success and significance of projects they've worked on. Since these pupils have worked on day and night to promote the community and even endorse it.

4) Promotion via social networking:

The parents provide a great support in involving their children in doing so. Many of the parents, in this techno-savvy world are involved with google and I guess promoting it through social networking sites can do a great job!

5) Banckle Meeting:

With the change in era, pupils are looking for an easy method to be connected with each other.” Banckle Meeting” a provision of the Drupal provides a clear clarification for the online meetings keeping the productivity and cost efficiency in mind. The Banckle Meeting Module helps the website visitor to attend the online meetings and one can interact as well as connect to the people remotely and have a great audio/video conferencing experience which can be really very helpful in the promotion of GCI/GSoC as people can be made aware regarding such programs.
SOURCE: Wikipedia