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Dear Drupal Dojo Community,

for about a year I've been writing a book to calculate real estate projects which will be published really soon. Based on this book I wrote an excel calculation sheet which I would like to port to a web based app (responsive to a certain extend, so one can at least view tables and maybe change some settings or numbers). I would really like to use an existing CMS to help me get things right. I figured Drupal 8 would be my best choice...some things that are needed for this module:

  • login/logout
  • support for user access in a later stage
  • settings page
  • security
  • MySQL support
  • OOP (would like to learn it correct)
  • modern architecture

I have a managed server with DomainFactory (will offer anthing I need for developing) and I do have experience with...

  • Drupal7
  • Wordpress4
  • Joomla (dropped development with Joomla some time ago)
  • PHPStorm 8 (started with Dreamweaver years ago)
  • OOP (never used it, but familiar with how it works)
  • Twig/Symphony (I just touched the surface by watching Drupal screen casts on youtube)

To be honest, I am scared starting this project based on Drupal 8. I can't find any good and up to date video tutorials on module development (found some simple hello world modules which I was able to reproduce).

I am uncertain about how to organize my files and folders for a module/webApp or how to implement TELERIK PHP UI to display editable grids (so I have a UI for the database). Further I am pulling my hair, because I am unsure how to develop this web app based on Drupal 8 and make it "independet" from any Drupal specific setting or other Drupal 8 modules. It will basically be stand alone App within Drupal.

My webApp will need to work right out of the box, having it's own menu and responsive layout framework (probably bootstrap). I don't want the webApp to depend on an existing Drupal 8 theme, so I just have to depend on the Drupal 8 core itself.

The next thing is that I don't have money to consult a professional developer. I would love to get better at things, but who can I talk to? I am all by myself with this task.

Having said this I would like to ask if I am at the right place to learn more about Drupal 8 and module development.

Kind regards

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