Accessibility and Google reCaptcha

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No Captcha is truly Accessible is the constant feedback. But looking at reCaptcha V 2.0 where Google actually throws up images/audio only when, on mouse actions it detects that the it is not a user and Also the image option has an audio captcha option, I thought that Google reCaptcha was an accessible solution.

How do we validate it is WCAG compliant? Any documentation to say reCAPTCHA Version 2.0 is WCAG compliant? There is a note on the reCAPTCHA home page which talks about Accessibility, but there is no direct compliance indicated!


Googles ReCaptcha No Captcha - Accessibility

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Do you know if users using a braille display sees the accessible CAPTCHA on the braille display just as they would any other text? I know screen readers can read, can the braille machine pick up the text as well?