DrupalCamp Ballyvaughan (Clare, Ireland) 15th & 16th of May 2010

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The Burren College of Art, Ballyvaughan, Co. Clare have kindly offered space to host this summer's DrupalCamp in Ireland. Wi-Fi, a large gallery space, a lecture theatre, a seminar room and cafeteria are available both days. And come evening we can enjoy some great restaurants and bars in the village, which also has several hotels, B&Bs and self catering cottages in which to stay. On top of that, it's set in the unique Burren landscape, looking out over Galway Bay. Doolin, Lahinch and Kinvara are nearby, so if you want to make a proper break of it and come earlier or stay on after the camp, there's lots to see and do.

If you're keen to help out in any way, please don't be shy, do let us know. What we really need now are for people to volunteer to give presentations on any aspect of Drupal for either absolute beginners or seasoned developers.

We're compiling practical information for the website which should also allow for registration when live. But please post a comment below if you have any questions or suggestions. If you already know you want to come, be sure to let us know so that we can start getting an idea of numbers.

Here's the college's website

And you can see the location of the campus on Google Maps.

Really looking forward to seeing you there,


Sign up for the event here


I can give presentations... I

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I can give presentations... I will be teaching an intro course to the people at DERI Galway over the next few months, so I will have presentations for how to get started with Drupal in many different ways.

I can also present about RDF and the Semantic Web as it relates to Drupal.

Not one but two!

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Thank you Lin for volunteering to present (twice!).

Great to get the ball rolling on this.


Can you keep me updated on

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Can you keep me updated on that DERI course Lin? College email: m.white1 [at] nuigalway.ie - thanks :)

Sorry, it is only being

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Sorry, it is only being offered for DERI students and staff. If there is a local meetup, though, I'd be happy to present.

Awesome! And I can talk about our app

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Great to see this DrupalCamp moving ahead! The location is great, I walked past the College returning from a hike in the Burren just a few weeks ago.

I and my colleague Guido can present on our experience with building Neologism (an app for the management of RDF vocabularies). This would touch on topics like module development, CCK, rules, installation profiles, and performance tuning.

Thanks Richard (and Guido)

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Great to get presentations volunteered so quickly! Thank you.

Speaking of hikes....we will probably be around for a Burren walk on the Monday after the DrupalCamp too, if people want to stay on and enjoy the place a bit longer.

And the sun will be splitting the stones that weekend :-)

I can present - but I don't know what yet!

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Hey guys,

I was at the Drupal Camp a few years back in DERI, Galway, it was great fun, and good to meet some Irish drupallers.

I can present. I would rate myself as a a good themer (not the design side though!), and I can throw together a module. I have picked my way through all the problems I've come up against! I'm using jQuery, and Zen-based themes mostly at the moment. That could be an area I could talk about - a HOWTO to create a new zen-based theme, how to integrate jQuery/JavaScript, modifying different content types and specific blocks etc...

When the website goes up, if people can suggest what they'd like to see, if there is a question I can answer I'll volunteer then for something more specific.


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Hi Eoin,

I'm pretty sure I met you at the DERI Camp. That's great you can present.
Thanks a million


Startup Weekend & News?

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I'm going to the Dublin Startup Weekend at the NDRC the weekend before BurrenCamp. I have never been to an event like it, but if it's interesting I'll offer up a rundown on the event.

I was also wondering how prep is going for BurrenCamp?

where can we submit session ideas

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Where can we submit session ideas and see which ones are in the works?

Want to set up a Google spreadsheet? Or a wiki page here?

I can't see what topics are already proposed.
Also, I'd like to see what people want to see for a session.

I'd like to propose two sessions.

I could do other ones... Anyone have any requests?

I'd like to do practical step-by-step sessions. Something you could walk away and try yourself. We can also debate different ways to get the same thing done.

1) Do you have Permission!
- A practical demo of a solution to a commonly asked question: sharing node editing permissions amongst multiple users, but not giving uber permissions away.
- Also show permissions modules which making permissions editing easier.

2) Shared editing on profiles
- A practical demo of a solution to a common situation: a company or department wants user profiles, but not all users will create accounts. So an administrator makes the user accounts... but later... the staff person joins and wants to be able to edit their own profile.
- Setting up a node as profile.
- Difference between user and node in Views.

These two sessions are related, in that they address permissions- but I'll show two different methods and different group of modules.

I could also do something on TAC or Workflow?

Anyone have any requests?

I vote we make a wiki page here somewhere.

Those sessions sound great!

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Those sessions sound great! I think there's a website in the works, which will probably be the place to propose sessions, etc.

Conor/Sile - do you need any help getting the site up and running?


Hi Stella

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Hi Stella,

thanks, I was just setting up server space for it over the weekend. I'll keep you posted on progress.


Hi Heather

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Hi Heather,

that would be great, thanks for being organised. Stella has a Google Doc set up from Galway that she was suggesting be used for planning. I'm hoping to set up a site were people can make suggestions for presentations. Will keep you posted on progress with this.

At the moment I'm just delighted that people are volunteering to give presentations and would welcome anyone else that wanted to put their name on the list. We can firm up on what exactly will be presented then.

PS: I really like the sound of your practicals, I think they'll be pretty helpful.

Best regards,


form modification

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Another idea: I'd like to show how to modify forms, comparing theme functions versus a custom module, advantages/disadvantages.

Then walk people through a simple form customization using hook_form_alter()

I guess when we can start presenting them, we can let people comment on which they want to see.

Hey! Did you try out the LA drupalcamp package? It's got everything you need. Instant drupalcamp site, just add water.

~ Heather

Hi Heather

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Got the DrupalCamp LA working on my Macbook last night at the Drupal Dublin meeting with some helpful pointers from Tom and Stella. Need to theme it and change the content and we should be good to go. Mightn't be till next week though as a friend of mine is getting married tomorrow.

I'll let you know when there's something to look at, thanks for thinking of what would be good to present. I'm really looking forward to seeing what everyone will be looking to talk about.

All the best,


Yep! Conor got it up and

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Yep! Conor got it up and running on his laptop at the meetup last night. It doesn't come with images for the theme, so there's still some work to do. The LA package looks great, though it probably does more than what we want - e.g. paypal, t-shirt competition, etc. Very useful to know we have that functionality though.

I'm proposing a season that

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I'm proposing a season that covers using the excellent Features module to develop website components off-line which can be bundled up into an installable module that can easily be deployed onto other systems.

e.g. a blog feature that contains a with a couple of content types, views, nodequeues, some imagecache presets and some system variables.

And/Or, developing with Drupal in a version controlled, multi-server, multi-developer environments=.

Not sure how much interest either of these topics are to others...

www.systemseed.com - drupal development. drupal training. drupal support.

I'd never heard of Features

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I'd never heard of Features before, looks interesting and I love the idea. I prefer to develop modules in a component s way, or in a 'modular' manner, where each module is a self-contained feature of some sort (within reason obviously). I like to be able to upgrade a single component easily without having to worry about interaction with other parts of the code.

In short: I would like to see a session on Features.


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Ditto, plus 1 for features session - as long as it's on the Sunday :)

The Version controlled stuff

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The Version controlled stuff I would be keen on... And Features too - why not!


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I can do a session on jQuery internals & front-end optimisation if anyone's interested in that.

Logo Idea

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Inspired by the Florida drupal camp logo, I put something together. I'm no designer (the logo should tell you that), but I thought it might get the ball rolling.

It looks *very* similar to the Florida one, but the green colour was purely down to the fact it's Ireland and it was the color that was loaded in the palette when I opened Pixelmator.

Only local images are allowed.

DrupalCamp Ballyvaughan

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Thanks to everyone who has already signed up on the new DrupalCamp Ballyvaughan website.

If you haven't signed up yet, please be sure to do so, so we can get a good idea of numbers.

See you in Ballyvaughan, best regards,


DrupalCamp Ballyvaughan druplicon

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Hi Eoin,

here's an alternative use of the dolmen for the druplicon, thanks for the idea.

Only local images are allowed.

Hope it does the trick.

PS: Stephen set up a Facebook Event to help spread the word. If you are on Facebook, please feel free to send invites to who you think would be really interested in attending

See you in May,


Great Camp!

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I'd like to say thanks to Sile and Conor again! It was a fun weekend. As always I feel more invigorated and excited about Drupal and I have a million ideas I want to implement! We'll see which ones I can find the time to actually develop! For sure I will be finishing my set up with Git and automatic deploying from the master branch of the repo to the live site, that will make things a bit easier.

Thanks everyone! See you at the next one, and hopefully I'll eek some time out of my PhD and make it to a Drupal Dublin meetup sooner rather than later.

Thanks for the great camp

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Really enjoyed the camp. Thanks to Sile and Conor and everyone else involved in setting up and running such a great event at such a great location.


Totally agree!

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Totally agree! Really, thank you Conor and Sile for organising such a great event. It was awesome!

ditto! All the best!

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All the best!

Yeah, well done to all. So,

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well done to all. So, where's next ;)

www.systemseed.com - drupal development. drupal training. drupal support.

Great camp

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T'was really great to meet you all, I'll post up the pictures I took very soon.

Here an event in Dublin some of you might find interesting if you're around the weekend after next.

'A Day In Transition' From Oil Dependency to Local Resilience Sat 30th May.

11.00 – 18.30 | €10 - only 100 places | Cultivate | Full Schedule (pdf)

Hosted by Cultivate and Transition Ireland and Northern Ireland in association with ECO-UNESCO, Re-dress and Near90FM

Transition Towns is an inspirational process, conceived in Ireland in 2005 and now adopted by communities all over the world. The model aids communities in finding new ways of coping with the challenges we face, together. By localising our food production, developing renewable energy sources, enhancing our local economies and future proofing our buildings, communities develop the resilience to weather the storms of these challenging times.

I'll be there myself so it would be great to see any of you.


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Here they are Drupal Camp Burren 2010. Hope you enjoy them.

Thank You Too!

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We've tried to thank everyone here.

Thanks to everyone!

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I think I speak for all the Belfast lads when I say thanks to everyone for a great weekend. The sessions were top notch and the craic on both the Friday and Saturday nights was brilliant.

Special thanks to Sile and Conor for organising the camp and for giving us directions so that we didn't get lost again :)