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Drupal campus ambassador programme (DrupalCAP) aims to introduce Drupal to universities and engineering colleges across the globe by creating a network of Drupal Campus ambassadors (DCA) across different universities and engineering colleges across the globe. DrupalCAP will be led by a Faculty member from that college. Core leaders and volunteers from the Drupal Regional community who will travel to these colleges, evangelize Drupal and select one student from 2nd/3rd Year who has very good insight into open source technologies, and has shown great leadership. DCA will be responsible for evangelizing Drupal in that college/university. Idea is to have these bright minds spread Drupal and Open Source at the grass root level.
Program Details:

Objective behind DCAP

  • Bring Drupal to educational institutions / Evangelize Drupal to educational institutions because
  • Drupal is awesome and we want to see more student choosing Drupal as a career.
  • Do regular Drupal activity - like workshops / trainings
  • Facilitate GSOCs for Drupal Projects at universities
  • Have DCA’s participate in Drupal Camps and other regional Drupal events
  • Build a strong Drupal value chain and attract Drupal based organizations for recruiting Drupal Engineers
  • Have DCA engage with Drupal mentors and experts from the industry to brainstorm on real world problems and challenges
  • Build an ecosystem where we nurture Drupal talent at grassroot level , provide Job opportunity by bringing in Drupal Companies and build an environment where more contribution, collaboration and knowledge sharing happens.
  • Make student community understand and learn the ethos of open source with Drupal which is a very good example of applied open source.
  • In case of good response , try to get Drupal as an elective course.


Motivate student ambassadors to create on-campus Drupal User Groups (DUG) or strengthen existing groups with the intent to convert participants into active community members and potential Drupal employees. Once DUG is solidified, Ambassador will educate participants about Drupal resources, career/internship opportunities and more such as:

  • How to get started and find help on d.o, (ie: training directory, getting started, other relevant pages)
  • Helpful newsletters - through g.d.o or the D.A.
  • When/where are local meet-ups, code sprints, etc
  • When/where is closest Drupal in a Day event
  • How to find a local Drupal shop who is looking for an intern or junior developer

Who are Drupal Campus Ambassadors (DCA’s)?

  • DCA are the selected set of Students from 2nd and 3rd Year of Colleges who have deep inclination towards open source.
  • They should have good communication and leadership skills, allowing them to promote and attract DUG participants and then lead the DUG.
  • Selected student will work under the guidance of a Faculty Mentor and a Drupal Industry mentor.
  • The Ambassador will be given a guide on how to form and run a DUG, a guide on how to promote the
  • DUG on campus and a marketing kit with tools to help the Ambassador promote the DUG.
  • If the University uses Drupal, the DA will try to connect the Ambassador to the Drupal site maintainer, who may provide additional support. Also, if the DUG participants want to find a local internship or junior developer position, the Project Coordinator will reach out to local Drupal businesses to make connections.

Responsibilities of DCA?

  • Establish a DUG. Secure at least 5 - 10 regular participants. Lead the DUG meetings. Use the meetings to educate participants about key Drupal resources & internship/career options. Report periodically to the Project Coordinator on results.
  • Connect with University Career Services to make sure they are promoting Drupal as a career option (provide Drupal Career brochures, DUG can represent Drupal at job fair, techfest etc.)
  • If a DUG is already established, the Ambassador will work with the DUG to find ways to grow attendance, improve the meetings, and make sure participants know about key Drupal resources & internship/career choices.
  • DCA will help conduct internal trainings and workshops in their respective educational institute with help from regional Drupal Community
  • DCA will help facilitate recruitments when we align Drupal Companies to visit participating organizations to participating universities
  • DCA will engage in other Drupal Open source technical events which are held in the regional community and well as other major Drupal event happening across India

Eligibility Criteria

  • Any 2nd and 3rd year Engineering student doing majors in CSE/IT from the participating universities (See the list of participating universities) can participate in DrupalCAP.
  • Strong Academic Background
  • Candidate should show strong leadership qualities, interest in Open Source and web technologies.
  • Candidate must possess very good communication and soft skills
  • Candidate must possess strong organizational capabilities.
  • Should possess ability to work in team and collaborate with DCAP Leaders and other DCAs
  • Desire to learn and work in Open Source

Program Benefits

Benefits to Student Community

  • Opportunity to lead DCAP, Evangelize and build a Drupal community in your university and college
  • Mentoring by a seasoned Drupal Professional from your regional community
  • Opportunity to travel to Drupal Events in your regions and Drupal Camps happening across.
  • Opportunity to travel to DrupalCon
  • Opportunity to get Internship
  • Amazing Career opportunity
  • Enable entrepreneurship spirit

Benefits to University / College

  • Knowledge session/workshops would benefit students and staffs
  • Collaboration with Industry and exposure to current industry challenges
  • Faculty mentor of DCA will be exposed and connected with Industry counterpart and open Source community
  • University gets a channel to place students in reputed organizations
  • Will help build a culture of contribution and innovation

Benefit to Drupal Community

  • Build an open source ecosystem , where key beneficiaries i.e. student learn to contribute back to Drupal community.
  • We get more contributors on Drupal projects
  • Increase awareness
  • Get Drupal to the level of other older technologies like PHP, Java and .NET which are widely adopted as value addition in engineering college curriculum.

Benefit to Drupal Industry

  • Skilled Drupal resource
  • A way to contribute back to community by funding and participating
  • Gives a channel for organizations to absorb Drupal talent
  • Active collaboration with young minds to expose the industry problem and get innovative solutions



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I also want to become part of Drupal Campus Ambassador program. I am a 3rd year CSE student from HMRITM, affiliated to GGSIPU.