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There used to be a TODO.txt file in the signup module's source tree, but this caused confusion, and was a pain to maintain. Whenever something was fixed in a newer version, the copy of this file in the older branches was out of date, older official releases are stuck with stale data, etc. A level of indirection to the rescue! ;) I'm putting the (updated) contents in a wiki here, and I'll just point to this node whenever I want to refer to the TODO list.

Of course, ultimately all of these should become issues in the signup issue queue, and some of them might already have an issue submitted. So if you're interested any of these, the first step is to look for the right issue, and add a link here. If there is none, please submit a new issue and add the link.

If you are interested in sponsoring any of these features, feel free to contact me. Thanks!

  • Implement VBO Support (

  • add option to sign up for multiple persons

  • add support limiting signups to certain roles, per node (

  • adding support for custom auto-closing settings per node: time before event start

  • better header info for emails sent to forwarding email address?

  • validation of forwarding email addresses

  • validation of user submitted data

  • catch remote user login and get their email addy (currently signup relies on the email addy of a registered user for confirmation/reminder emails)

  • fix reminder message notification so it doesn't display on signups where reminder has already been sent

  • better themed user signup form, or better--the ability to construct forms on the fly, save them, and select per node! (

  • wait list feature w/ this workflow:

    1. user visits signup node that is full. they are shown how many people the event holds, how many people are on the wait list ahead of them, and given the option to sign up to the wait list.
    2. wait listed user receives an optional wait list confirmation email, telling them that they will be notified if they get into the event
    3. if the user gets into the event, they receive a confirmation email that they are in.

    The three ways that a user would get off the wait list would be:

    1. someonce cancels, and the system automatically lets in the person on the top of the wait list
    2. the event coordinator expands the allowed signups for the event, and the system automatically lets in the appropriate number of waitlisted people
    3. the event coordinator looks through the wait list and manually adds someone
  • allow a comma seperated list of forwarding email addresses, in case there's more than one event coordinator

  • event coordinators should also get an email when a user cancels their signup

  • coordinator can generate a list of attendees that is printable.

  • for the confirmation email, attach the event's details in a VCAL (iCal, whatever) fomat to allow attendees to automatically add it to their iCal, Outlook or Google Calendar

  • coordinator can block or ban users from signing up

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