ELMS Learning Network : Tipping Point (0.2.0) released

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With 118 issues resolved, ELMS Learning Network version tipping point (0.2.0) is out with a comprehensive walkthrough of capabilities and discussion of what and why the system functions as it does. We now support CentOS 6,7, Ubuntu 14 / Deb, and Amazon AMI one-line installations. The walkthrough in this post just scratches the surface as we have 2 types of asset management systems with H5P support built in as well as support for LTI 1.2 (provider), REST (shown, and powers everything), and XAPI support it's a great preview of things to come. Also shown toward the end of the demo is "Innovate" a tool for empowering ALL Drupal site builders, regardless of experience with the education market.

Feedback and passing along to friends and coworkers who need better options then a water down, painfully bad LMS market give them, much appreciated: