Trouble integrating Taleo API and Drupal 8

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I currently have a drupal 6 website that has integration of taleo, pulling in jobs by state, a simple search, job detail pages, and job details via api. I am upgrading the site to drupal 8 due to security issues and am having a difficult time trying to reporpuse the module. I tried upgrading the module to drupal 7 so i could then move it into 8, but it is not working at all in 7.

I was wondering if there is any way to upgrade the module to drupal 8 without completely rebuilding it. I have experience with drupal 7, but am completely new to drupal 8 and have tried to integrate what I have in the drupal 6 module, but it is just not working for me, as i have little knowledge of the new module structure and routing. I was wondering if anyone in the groups has had to integrate the taleo API with Drupal 8 yet, and if so, how they went about it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks

the current site can be seen here for example of integration


module upgrader may help

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Whilst there is no automated way of updating a module from D6 to D8, if you've already made it look like a D7 module (even if it's not working) I'd suggest you copy it into a D8 installation and try running Module Upgrader on it (

This is unlikely to deliver a finished, working module, but should help to get a lot of the leg-work done and help to highlight remaining bits of code that need some manual TLC.

thanks I will give that a try

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thanks I will give that a try and post my results

Module maintainership

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Hi Mangamike

I had written a basic module for Taleo Integration in Drupal 7( If you have ported your module to Drupal 8, please provide a patch so that I can commit to this module.

Gokul N K

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