Drupal Camp Bristol Call 2016 for speakers.

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Hi All,
you'll no doubt know that we're having another Drupal Camp in Bristol this year, 22nd to the 24th July.
you've got untill midnight sunday to get your talk submitted : https://www.drupalcampbristol.co.uk/submit-a-session

we've got 20 minute and 45 minute slots - we're also going to have lightening talks.

Ive heard a good number of talks at the meetups from the community, theres a wealth of knowledge in the Bristol Drupal community. Everyone I know is always surprised people find what they are doing is interesting - its easy not to see it from as close as you are , and think people wouldnt want to hear about it. We do!!

So heres my request, please think about what you work on, what you find interesting, satisfying , or something you're proud to have done with Drupal - and think about turning it into a talk for the Drupal Camp Bristol 2016.

And if you want some ideas - I posted my wish list here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/bristol-drupalcamp-2016-tim-marsh?trk=pro... on linked in