Displaying Status Messages from drupal_set_message()

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Module 6.x? 7.x? 8.x? Usage Notes Module Updated Info as of
Better Messages Yes Yes (alpha1) Yes (dev) 3,730
  • Implements a standard jQuery implementation without other modules or plugins dependencies.
  • Displays messages in customizable in-browser HUD popup.
  • Provides different settings to control animation effects, position, auto-close counter, draggable messages and more.
  • 2015.09.24 2016.06.18
    Dismiss - Yes Yes (dev) 7,118 Adds a jQuery-powered "Dismiss" button to each group of messages. 2015.06.23 2017.11.23
    Absolute Messages Yes Yes - 1839
  • Displays system messages in fully themeable colored horizontal bars on top of the page, similar to Stack Overflow / Stack Exchange network notifications.
  • Provides hooks hook_messages_alter() to modify messages before they are displayed, and hook_message_types_alter() to add new message types
  • 2013.09.30 2016.06.18
    Cool message - Yes (beta2) - 87 "Provides a beautiful display of system messages (errors, warning, etc.)." 2012.03.29 2012.05.24
    Growl Messages Yes (dev) - - 36 Displays messages in an in-browser HUD popup. 2011.03.29 2012.05.24
    Inline Form Errors Yes Yes (beta2) - 785 Moves selected messages near the form they apply to. 2012.03.15 2012.05.24
    Inline Messages Yes Yes - 612 Moves selected messages near the form they apply to. 2010.11.10 2012.05.24
    jGrowl Yes (dev) - - 318 Displays messages in an in-browser HUD popup. 2011.02.25 2012.05.24
    jQuery Msg Alert Yes Yes - 28 "Every message sent by drupal_set_message() will be converted to a dialog alert, using jQuery Msg Alert plugin." 2011.10.04 2012.05.24
    Maintenance Helper Yes (dev) - - 26 Provides a permission to login and allows admins to set a configurable message to appear on all pages of the site. 2011.03.29 2012.05.24
    Message Effects Yes (dev) - - 157 Adds JavaScript effects to Drupal messages. 2011.02.25 2012.05.24
    Nice Messages planned Yes - 759 Displays Facebook like messages smoothly in a stylable in-browser HUD popup using famous jGrowl jQuery plugin with very small size (6kb) and also IE6 support. Settings to control color, shadow, animation effects, position, autoclose timing, toggling on a user/role/path basis and more. Smooth fall back to system default. 2014.04.29 2014.04.29
    Purr Messages Yes (beta2) Yes (beta3) - 632 Displays messages in an in-browser HUD popup. 2012.02.01 2012.05.24
    Rawr Yes - - 53 Displays messages with customizable icons in an in-browser HUD popup using the jQuery Gritter plugin. If message is an error, user must click to close it. 2010.03.13 2012.05.24
    Message Toggle - Yes - - Adds a jQuery-powered "Show"/"Hide" visibility toggle to each group of messages. 2013.08.17 2013.08.17
    Blinky messages - Yes - 12 Blinks all messages in an annoying fashion. Guaranteed to ensure your users notice them. 2012.03.01 2012.09.05
    Noty Messages - Yes - 43 Noty Messages is a library that brings in cuztomization available in the noty jQuery plugin into drupal, and allows the the library's rendering of messages overtake Drupal's default message theming style. 2012.04.21 2012.09.21
    Clientside Validation Yes Yes Yes (RC1) 4554
  • This module adds clientside validation (aka "Ajax form validation") for all forms and webforms using jquery.validate.
  • Also enables error messages to be displayed inline
  • 2013.01.03 2013.02.20
    Timed Messages - Yes Yes (alpha3) 51
  • hide messages after optical timer runs out
  • messages can be displayed again later on
  • little bit of improvement on the css
  • separate settings for message types
  • 2015.12.10 2014.09.24

    Related modules that don't use drupal_set_message():

    Module 6.x? 7.x? 8.x? Usage Notes Module Updated Info as of
    Admin Message Yes No No 71 Uses a custom node type to create messages that appear in a block. 2012.11.19 2016.06.18
    Persistent Dismissable Messages (PDM) No Yes No 40 Has a replacement for drupal_set_message with extra features like the ability to create a message that persists beyond a single page load. 2013.04.10 2013.11.25
    Messages to Block No Yes No 5 Allows you to suppress drupal_set_message()'s, at which point they are saved to be displayed and/or dismissed from a block. 2013.06.14 2013.06.15
    Disable Messages Yes Yes Yes 13,195 Gives a site owner options to disable specific messages shown to end users (regex, exact match, role-specific, user-specific, path-specific, etc.). 2016.06.10 2016.06.18